Week In Review 9-2 to 9-9

Saturday 9-3
Wahoo – got up late today and then spent the day lounging. Perfect Saturday afternoon if you ask me, especially since I’m on GM duty tonight *sigh* Let’s see what happens tonight.

Well other than an episode when she was first going to bed, it was fairly low key tonight. And for that I’m very very glad. LOL. Got some things accomplished – swapped out the iPod playlist, created some “workout” lists (more on this later), got some books loaded on my Kindle. And watched “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” – Goddess I love that movie.
  • Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend ~ Marilyn Monroe
  • Jammies!!
  • Beef & Broccoli
  • HP & The Order of the Phoenix

Sunday 9-4
Well got called into work this morning so I hit the grocery store to snag some LC food – ended up with tuna salad with celery & a tomato. Got home EXHAUSTED and hit the bed almost immediately. Only to be woke up at 6 with a lot of banging on the Lamp door. Lucas had come to tell Aunt Winnie that she needs to get up right now for dinner.
So I got up & dressed, headed down to the Big House with the Bunny. Mom & T were kinda shocked when they saw me & I was like I can go back to bed, but Lucas said to come to dinner. I thought you sent him out to get me. Mom says no but wiggle in. Then Lucas tells me you gotta have a salad cause I made it myself. He is the abso cutest little one ever & I love him bunches.
  • My Kinda Party ~ Jason Aldean
  • Black seven shorts/pink top
  • Steak & Salad
  • HP & The Half Blood Prince

Monday 9-5
Got off work this morning and hauled feets home for family breakfast. Get in and Lucas was all like Aunt Winnie!!! We need to train our fish (Happy Aquarium on Facebook) let me finish helping. Mom says go ahead Lucas we’ll finish it. As he heads out of the kitchen I hear “Thank you Aunt Wendy” lol evidently his helping was not much of a help. So anywoo – we trained the fishes. When Bunny came in Lucas says “Hey Aunt Winnie’s Bunny!” which of course lead to a tickle fest, and crys of nuff nuff nuff coming from the little guy. LOL - He's so much fun.

So breakfast was a family affair - from Pa all the way down the line to Lucas, cause Aunt Von was watching GM. After breakfast it was off & running - grab the grocery list, hit the store, back to GM's to put'em away - then FINALLY my bed.
  • Friends Forever ~ Vitamin C
  • Black capris, grey spotted tank with shrug
  • Burgers & Dogs minus buns
  • Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

Tuesday 9-6

Went home today and broke low carb (had a nummie num Pina Coloda) and a long soak in a coconut infused bath. Really makes me feel like I can handle anything you know. After the bath I used my (yep you guessed it) coconut scented body butter and lathered myself up. So I guess you could say I skipped the gym but did a much needed dedicated pamper.

And I got my AllThingsForSale order today - that was super fast!!!

  • I Know What Boys Like ~ Vitamin C
  • Long Black pants, vivid blue lace tank, black shrug
  • Beef & Broccoli (it's easy & Yummy)
  • Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

Wednesday 9-7
Well work was decentish and when I got off I went to the Apple Crate looking for Coconut Flour which I found (yay!! Gonna try Coconut Chicken tonight) then headed home to hang out with Momma Luv & Aunt Von for a bit. Then it was up to take a relaxing coconut infused bath. Yep I am loving my coconut right now. It's helping to keep me sane. Plus I found a low(ish) carb recipe for a Pina Colada. I just have to get the stuff and make it. If it's good I'll post it!!!

There are days I think my father lives under a rock. Enough said.

Well I got called in early tonight so Coconut Chicken will have to wait. *sigh* I'll do it tomorrow when I get home. Then it'll be done and done and ready to go to work tomorrow night. And I ditched some drama tonight ~ Yay me!!!
  • Airplanes ~ B.o.B.
  • Black Capri/Grey ribbed tank/black shrug
  • Stew Beef
  • Magic Lost, Trouble Found

Thursday 9-8
Well today was a relaxing day. Truly it was. I can finally start feeling a difference in myself after a week of monitoring carbs. A lot of the bloat is gone & my energy levels appear to be sliding back into the "normal" zone. Can't judge anything else right now because I ditched my measuring tools & notebooks when I moved into the lamp because well to be honest I gave up on myself trying to keep every else afloat. I've finally realized that in order to help anyone else - I have to be willing to help myself first.

I've have a great deal of trouble with this in the past. I loose myself in whoever I'm caring for and I find it trying to happen now but I'm bound & determined to be selfish for once in my life.
  • Technicolor Phase ~ Owl City
  • Black Capris/BB Tank/Black LS shrug
  • Coconut Fried Chicken & Veggies
  • Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know

Friday 9-9
Hehehe well today seems to be for new beginnings as well as endings ~ we'll just have to see how things play out.
  • It is Lurch's final chance to make good
  • Got invited to a Handfasting
  • Requssted to join in creating a new group
  • Made plans for PPD & RenFaire (YAY)
  • Scheduling a talk with Bunny
  • Was asked to show someone Bentoing
  • Got into a discussion that may end an emerging friendship

My plan for the day is go home & spend a little time cleaning and playing with Sir Pups A Lot, then sitting up my area for tonights pleasure (that is if I don't go hang out with some friends).

Oh well - I'll clue all ya'll in tomorrow as to how things went (I'll update this post)
  • Monster Mash
  • Jammie Day!!!
  • Beef Stir Fry (I'm trying to use up the Thai Veggies in the fridge)
  • I'd probably make you dizzy if I listed all the books I read today LOL - I would read a chapter or paragraph and switch to another book

Until next week.

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