Basil - money, harmony; promotes sympathy, happiness, peace
Benison - increases power, awakes the conscious mind, peace
Bergamot - money, protection
Black Pepper - protection, courage, banishing; spices up a romance
Camphor - purification, healing (particularly of respiratory problems), chastity
Cardamom - love, lust, sexual energy
Cedar - balance, spirituality, courage, dreams
Chamomile - meditation, peace, dreams
Cinnamon - money, lust, purification
Clove - courage, protection, sexual attractiveness, lust; adds spice to any situation
Coriander - love, health, healing
Cypress - consecration, protection, healing (especially of psychological pain), longevity
Eucalyptus - health, healing (especially of respiratory problems), purification
Geranium - protection, happiness, love
Ginger - sexuality, love, courage, money, prosperity
Grapefruit - purification; banishes a sour disposition
Jasmine - love, dreams, peace, sex
Juniper - protection, meditation, purification, healing, communication
Lavender - health, peace, relaxation, sleep, purification, fertility, love
Lemon - energy, mental clarity, wit, cleansing
Lemon Grass - psychic awareness, purification, lust
Lemon Verbena - love, purification
Lime - purification, cleansing, protection, fertility, love
Magnolia - meditation, love, fidelity
Myrrh - spirituality, meditation, healing, blessing
Neroli - happiness, protection, purification
Oak Moss - money, prosperity, fertility
Orange - purification, heightened awareness, luck
Palmarosa - love, healing, protection
Patchouli - money, healing, physical energy, attraction, protection, sex
Peppermint - purification, mental energy
Pine - purification, money, healing, cleansing
Rose - love, peace, sexual desire, beauty, maternal love
Rosemary - love, healing, energy; breaks hexes
Sandalwood - spirituality, meditation, sex, healing
Sweet Pea - new friends, love, happiness
Tangerine - strength, power, vitality
Tuberose - calm, peace, love, happiness
Vetivert - money, prosperity, attractiveness; breaks hexes
Yarrow - courage, love, banishes negative entities
Ylang-Ylang - love, peace, sex, healing

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