The Perfect Bath

Luxury is said to be "the total fulfilment of all five senses at once." Keep this in mind and you'll be amazed how good a long soak in your own tub can be. Do not forget to be selfish and say I need ME Time - to make sure your skin can absorb the maximum benefits from whatever bath products you are using, spend at least 15 minutes in the bath. Unfortunately, it is possible to have too much of a good thing - try to stay in the tub for less than an hour.

Now all you have to do is turn off the phone, put a


sign on the bathroom door and follow the easy guidelines below.

Candle-light transforms a room faster than anything else on the planet. Break out your favourite candles, or treat yourself to a few new ones. Just place the candles in secure locations around the room, turn off the overhead light and you're already well on your way to luxury.

This is where your favourite bubble bath, bath bombs or salts come in. If you're using a strong scent in the tub make sure it co-ordinates with your candle choices or switch to basic unscented tea-lights. Don't be stingy with the bubble bath remember this is all about indulgence.

Grab a portable stereo and your favourite soothing CD. Make sure you place the stereo far away from the tub to avoid electrocution and let the soothing sounds fill the room. A good jazz CD works well. If you're looking for something classical, try a CD with Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Often overlooked, taste adds a very satisfying element to a great soak. Pour yourself a refreshing drink or a soothing cup of cocoa or go all out and bring a dish of chocolate covered strawberries with you. Just make sure you keep everything out of the water and resist the urge to rest the cup on the side of the tub where it can easily be knocked over.

Just being in warm water fills this requirement but you can add to it by running your hands through the bubbles and having lots of thick, warm towels on hand for when you're done. Water temperature is a big issue and is based on personal preference. What I do is have the water at a temperature slightly above comfortable since it will cool off while filling and while you're soaking and it's always easy to add cold water to the mix. One thing a friend of mine would do is open the drain a little bit and then add a trickle of hot water. That way the water would recycle and the old water would be replaced by warm water. This is for those who desire a long, long soak.

Odds & Ends

  • Grab a soft towel or bath pillow to place behind your head.
  • If you do not want to veg out completely - grab a good book or magazine.
  • Dry off with a clean towel by softly patting your skin.
  • Apply moisturizer - skin is most receptive to lotion post shower or bath.
  • Finally, slip into soft cotton or silk pajamas and enjoy a great night`s sleep!

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