Weekday Correspondences

*Monday~ Originally known as Moon's day. Cooking on Monday will improve magics for creativity, insight, maternal nature, and goddess-related efforts.

* Tuesday~ Tiw was a God of athletics, combat, and law. Consider meals to improve physical well-being, encourage justice, or increase strength and strategy.

* Wednesday~ Odin (Woden) was a god of the mystical, poetry, and resourcefulness. Meals prepared today can accent magics for improved focus on your spiritual path, artistic ability, or imagination.

* Thursday~ Thor, the god of strength and commitment, ruled over this day. Consider dishes prepared to enhance vigor, stamina, devotion and dedication.

* Friday~ From Frigg, the goddess of relationships and fertility. A good day to create foods for any lunar magics, love-related spells, and improved productivity.

* Saturday~ Saturn was a God of harvests and planting. A good weekday to consider combi! ning with harvest theme meals, or to sow any seeds to bring positive traits into your life.

* Sunday~ The Sun is the ruler of this day. Any solar magic, god-related foods, and foods for leadership, logic, study, etc. Are enhanced when prepared on this day.

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