Day 18: why I made my blog and why I still have it

I created my blog to be a place that I could play around with the wording in different rituals. I would have a flash of poetry and write it down, but then forget about it when I went to write my next ritual. I created the first blog (Book of Shadows). Then I started adding other things that didn't fit the BOS life that I was creating on line, so I started a second blog for arts & crafts, reading, cooking, etc. Then that got confusing, so I spaced EVERYTHING out in it's own nice neat little blog (BOS, CookBook, Arts & Crafts, Book Reviews, Movie Reviews, etc) but then when I decided to make some serious lifestyle changes I realized that that wasn't me. I was a mish mash of all of these different things & I kinda liked being able to post all in one place - so Witch Baby's Journey was born.

I've done everything from weekly check in posts to measurement charts to rants/bitches and still do Book Reviews, Recipes, Witchy stuff. I don't know if I will continue to post or not, sometimes I feel like quitting (but so far I always come back) but I have this blog for my life's journey.

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