Why Sacred Space?

There is a reason for the phrasing of the above piece. When you cast a circle you are in fact no longer in this world entirely. You are also not in the astral world entirely. You actually are in between the two. If you think of it this is a really marvelous thing, the fact that you can carve out a bit of space to perform your ritual between the existence that we know and the next. Think of it! What could be more fantastic than that realisation? The cold blue flame streaming from your athame is serving as a barrier to both worlds and allowing you to exist in both and neither at the same time.

When you are inside the circle you are in sacred space. If you have ever been in one you know this. Some people are able to see the walls of the circle and the world beyond appears misty or etherial. Some simply sense the change in the space as the circle is formed without seeing any difference. If you have not had this experience yet, you will. As you develop your abilities to visualise, concentrate and open your senses you will more than likely come to a place where the difference will be apparent to you. Even if it is not, you must know that there is a difference. The circle is real, the walls are there, concentrating the power within them until it is released as a fully formed energy form to the universe.

The circle is a powerful thing if you make it one. Casting a circle is a skill that you develop with practice. Your abilities will increase with time and the circles you cast will be stronger and more powerful than the first ones you began casting as a beginner. Wicca is different in their view of the circle than ritual magic is. In some schools of ceremonial magic the circle is there for protection as well as a sacred space. To keep the entities you conjure at bay. In Wicca the circle serves as both a sacred space and as a concentrator for the power you raise within it, preventing it from dispersing prematurely and allowing you to build the energy to a maximum before releasing it to produce your ritual intent. This function is refered to as raising the cone of power by many.

If a church may be loosely defined as a space where the faithful go to communicate with their deity, to pray and perform rituals in the honor of the deity, then the circle is a church. It is where you go to conduct rituals thanking your deities for the blessings you have received and expect to receive in the future. It is where you go to conduct magic to achieve the results that you require in time of need. It is the space where you can most effectively communicate with your deities at times of the year considered sacred such as sabbats.

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