The art of taking sexy photos

Men love gazing at saucy photos and sexy photography is great for your sex life. Not only is it a great form of foreplay, but it also fulfils porn star and glamour model fantasies.

So here are some top photography tips to help you on your way...

1. You need a digital camera. There's nothing worse than having to collect your sexy photos from Boots or Jessops when you know they have had a sneaky peep at your photos. Of course, most people are using digital cameras these days, so this is really not too much of a problem as film cameras fade out altogether. When you buy your digital camera, also buy additional memory cards. If you have a 3 megapixel camera, get at least a 256MB card, 512MBs for 4 megapixel models, and 1GB for for 6 megapixels and up. That way, you'll never miss another shot because your memory card is full.

2. You can feel a bit silly posing, trying to look sexy and having no idea of where to put your hands. Get some adult porn magazines. They have professionals demonstrating the sexy poses for you. Copy the stance and positioning of the photos you like in the magazines.

3. Get some props! If you are holding something, leaning somewhere or have something to do with your hands, you will look more natura, and won’t feel uncomfortable. The props might be an everyday object, food, a sex toy or a door frame. Also, massage baby oil into your skin.

4. Play some music or have a bottle of wine to help you relax. If you are taking the photos with your lover, you will soon stop feeling silly as they get hornier watching you posing and teasing.

5. Forget less is more, and remember more is best! Leave something to the imagination, save all your intimate bits 'n' body parts for the passionate sex scene, don't flash them off in the snaps - this leaves nothing for the grand finale. Sexy photos are just an appetiser. A few shots of a slow sensual strip show are far more arousing than an upfront and in-your-face view of your flange! Get your sexy Funtimz undies on or wrap yourself in a towel or some bed sheets and show little hints of flesh.

6. Try to create a sexy smile - never smile with your lips fully closed. Try imagining you have a pea or a penny between your lips. Also give your lips a lick before the shot to give them shine.

7. Check your location. Your photographs won’t turn out very sexy if unwanted mess is in the frame. Make sure that the area you are using is tidy. And wherever you are taking your pics, make sure you are not going to be disturbed - it can be very embarrassing!

8. Beware of mirrors! If you’re using a flash, mirrors can leave a white star-like flash on your snap. Also, make sure the photographer cannot see themselves in a mirror that is in the shot. Be aware also that they can show the back of you to camera - we don't want you getting caught with loo roll hanging out of your knickers!

9. Back lighting (having a light shine behind your subject) is flattering. It softens the outline, and makes you look slimmer.

10. Taking photos outside - a very risky business! Make sure you are not going to be disturbed or arrested! She could always be wearing the Funtimz policewoman’s outfit just in case, she’ll certainly make a very arresting sight! Warm up the tones of your photo and give yourself a warm sexy glow by changing the white balance on your camera from auto to cloudy. It increases the reds and yellows resulting in a richer, warmer shot.

11. Make your legs sexier girls! Firstly, check out the range of sexy stockings and tights by clicking this link, and always point your toes even if your feet are going to be touching the ground (when sitting in a chair for example). It makes your legs look longer and more shapely. If you’re going to wear shoes, wear high heels or sexy boots. Check out Funtimz Footwear. This is because high-heeled shoes instantly improve your posture and improve the shape of your legs. Don't just stand with your legs together like a soldier on sentry duty, it’s not doing you or the snap any favours. Instead, stand with your legs a stride apart or cross one in front of the other to exaggerate the leg length.

12. Experiment with camera angles, they can add to the mood of your finished photo. Looking down on your subject makes them look very submissive; whilst having the camera look up at the subject from a lower position makes them look dominant and powerful. Also, have a play with up skirt and down top shots.

13. DIY Sexy Photos. For an added surprise at work, email him a 'right at this very moment' photo taken with the self-timer function. This delays the firing of the shutter for up to 10 seconds. Also handy for the missing photographer syndrome!

14. If something does manage to spoil your photo remember you can always crop and change your digital images later on your computer.

15. Work it, baby! It’s a digital camera so it costs nothing to take hundreds of photos. You can always disregard photos you don't like later. The more different photos you take with different lighting and camera angles, the better chance you have of finding the perfect, sexiest photo.

16. Don't stand face on to the camera. It’s not very interesting and it’s not very flattering either. If you must stand face on to the camera, turn slightly away to improve the shot.

17. Most importantly, have fun! Because it comes across in the photograph if you are enjoying yourself or not. You’re not going to turn on the viewer of the photo if you look like you have the snap taken under duress

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