First Aid Kit

Everyone should have at the very least

  • A small, basic kit for you car and camp out bag.
  • An intermediate kit for around the home and for traveling.
  • An extensive medical kit stored with your survival gear for use when going to a regular doctor or hospital is out of the question.

Contents to consider:
[Modify to suit your particular needs]

While kit contents will vary, your basic kit (which most outdoors or camping-type stores should carry) should include at least the following. If you can't buy one with these contents, pick up a few supplies and create your own:

Antibiotic ointment
Gauze pads
Iodine or similar prep pads
Alcohol prep pads
Butterfly bandages
Antibiotic ointment
Medical adhesive tape
Aspirin and/or non-aspirin pain relievers

The intermediate kit will include more of each of the above items, plus the following:

Larger adhesive bandages
Smelling salts or ammonia inhalants
Ace-type bandages for strains and sprains
Several sizes of sterile pads
Rolls of gauze
Antiseptic towlets
Snake bite poison extractor
Safety pins
Rubber (latex) gloves
Burn medication
Anti-itch treatment
Sun screen
Diarrhea medication
Eye drops
Basic first aid instructions

Your more advanced medical kit can be expected to include not only the above, but some or all of the following:

Special bandages, such as conforming, trauma and field dressings
Rubbing alcohol for sterilization
Hydrogen peroxide
Sterile sutures, in several sizes
Wound probe
Mouth-to-mouth shield
Instant hot pack
Instant cold pack
Prep pads
Eye pads
Cotton balls
Burn treatments
Dental tools
Splint materials
In-depth first aid/surgical guide
Cold medication
Colloidal silver

If you can find a sympathetic doctor or have other access to prescription medicines, you should consider stocking up on a few key items:

Broad spectrum antibiotic
Antibiotics for sinus infections, strep throat and other common "winter" ailments
Pain killers

Remember, if you have kids or a special medical problem, add whatever extra items you think are appropriate.

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