Christmas Kissing Balls

Items needed:
red velvet ribbon, 1/2 inch and 1 inch
6 or 8 inch embrodery hoop
florist wire
hot glue

Separate the two pieces of the embrodery hoops and fit them together, one inside the other, at a 90 degree angle. Secure in this position with florist wire or hot glue
Secure a piece of the 1/2 ribbon to the bottom of the hoop. Wind the ribbon around the edges of the hoop, wrapping each "arm" in a spiral motion until the wood is covered completely.
Secure with hot glue.
Form two bows with the 1 inch ribbons, leaving the ends dangling. Secure one to the bottom of the joined hoops, the other to the top.
Gather the mistletoe into a ball, secure the ends with florist wire.Insert inside the globe and twist the florirst wire to the top of the ball.
Hang the ball somewhere you are sure to get kissed!

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