Dog Protection Charm

Diana, Goddess of the Wild, Keeper of dogs both fierce and mild,
Hold [pet's name] safely in Your arms and protect this creature from all harm.
Should the day come that he/she roams, guide him/her to the path back home.
Bless [pet's name] with a joyful life, free of hardship, stress and strife.

Charm bag contents:
red fabric and ribbon
nail clippings or hair from the pet
a small paper with protective runes on it (design a special bindrune)
protective crystals like amethyst (Diana, healing, tranquility) and bloodstone (protection, keep bad influences away)
protective herbs: basil, pepper, cumin, galangal, juniper, lime, peppermint, angelica, anise, bay, dill, flax, lavender, calendula, patchouli, rose, sage, valerian, vervain
Diana, defender of all dogs, guard my [pet's name] against harm and illness.
Watch over him/her with every step he/she takes.
Help me protect him/her and strengthen the connection of love between us.
Let this charm be blessed to hold the energy of protection. Blessed be.

Keep the charm near where the dog sleeps, but not to where they’ll be able to eat it! An alternative would be to keep it with the pet’s belongings, such as where you hang their leash.

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