New Moon Dream Spell

Materials: 1 white candle, rosemary oil, paper, green ribbon tied up in a bow, a green-inked pen

Timing: At night on the New Moon, before you go to bed.

Empower a candle with rosemary oil, dedicated to a prosperity goddess, and light it.
Use the green pen to write your most cherished dreams on the paper. Leave lines of space in between to write down 3 actions you can do right now to make the dream come true.

Place a drop of rosemary oil on each corner of the paper. Place the paper on your altar. Drip 8 drops of oil on the bow. With each drop, repeat:

Bow of wishes, so green,
remind me of my dreams,
as I will so mote it be!

Allow the candle to burn out. Drift to sleep visualizing your dreams coming true. In the morning, place the list somewhere you’ll see it often. Place the bow on your altar.

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