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Hi, I'm WitchBaby aka Windy Marie Graham. I started this blog so that my family & friends could join me in my goals to become a healthier person. It's not so much about weight loss - that's just a nice by product - I want to be healthier physically, mentally, emtionally, and spiritually. So go ahead and join me on this journey! Hit the follow button to the right and away we go.

I quit smoking 5-17-08 and now I want to loose weight and shape up. Check out my before info here. Follow me as I find the real Witch Baby. Expect a weekly check in on weight loss, measurements, and the general This is a Week in My Life. And if you need some helpful words try these out. I realized that every one is not always supportive.

I read ALOT, so I decided to join some of the reading challeges that float around the web - checkem out and hopefully I will be able to get up some honest opinions of the books I read.

I signed up for & completed the Bento Box challenge from Just Bento and loved every minute of it - so now I'm packing a healthy lunch and Bentoing It.

I'm Going Green and you can too.

I'm also planning for the future by jumping on the GET OUT OF DEBT TRAIN

Another thing I'm trying is to prepare for the worst (all while hoping for the best) in Girl Scouts,

In the crafts section - I have a few of the things I'm interested in - Maybe I'll put some more up later. Currently, the categories are Scrapbooking, Candle Making, Lotions & Potions aka Homemade Bath & Body stuff, Kid Stuff, Cake decorating, and then other stuff.

Since I'm trying to stress less around the Holidaze - I'm making my life a little easier and planning things out: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, New Years

I'm trying out entrepreneurship and selling some Gift Baskets.

I'm trying to join some Reading Challenges like the 999 Paranormal. They're totally cool - check em out.

I'm keeping my cook book / recipes aka being Betty Freaking Crocker over at the cookbook.

Other ideas in the works are

And of course - take time out to laugh.

I won't promise this will be the last time the blog gets a face lift (everyone would know I'm lying anyways - I can't leave anything alone) but I think it's gonna be a bit better this way.

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