Bento 32 - Salad Again!

Disney evidently put out a line of "snack" boxes that are actually made in the style of children's bentos. I could not resist.

They are about 300mls and seal closed - hopefully will be easy enough for my "niece" little miss O and my neffie to use too, cause I bought them both one. Fairies (just like mine) for her and Cars for him. Was contemplating them for some other little ones - but I'm almost positive this box would be WAAAAAY too small for them.

I also got a new "tea" cup for work - it is an insulated coffee cup with a lid (I have to have a lid in order to make it a work cup)

I had a wonderful time just hanging out with my hubby today. We went shopping for a bit and then I worked on the family notebook. More on that of course - over on Hearth & Home

I love my salads - they are easy to throw together & take almost no time so I can jam out the door quick, fast, in a hurry. This one took a little bit longer as I had to find some way to use my new bento box.

So I decided on Chicken Tender Salad w/LF Honey Mustard Dressing. Low in points - high in taste.

And since I am supposed to make my food happy to be eaten.

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