Pixie Land Slumber

Invitations: Wrap kraft paper around glittered twigs and secure with glue, include date & time, make note to dress in a flowy nightgown

Magic Wands: The wands are made by laying a silk ribbon over the end of a dowel and sliding on a wooden bead.

Treasure Hunt Map: The handmade map depicts landmarks around the yard, such as Magic Flower Path and Twinkling Meadow; tiny treats and toys can be found at every location. The map was made using paper shapes for scrapbooking.

Burlap Pouch: Guests can collect their wares from the treasure hunt in burlap pouches; to convert a store-bought sack into a shoulder bag, we fed long twill tape through one of the drawstring channels, then hot-glued on artificial foliage.

Pretty Crown: The girls' pretty crowns were made using prewired millinery flower buds (from a floral supply store), which were bent into shape and twisted. Prewired butterflies were then twisted around the frames.

Dinner Menu:
Chicken Wands
Mango Dipping Sauce
Fiddlehead Breadsticks
Nests Filled with Summer Salad
Fairy Berries
Toadstool Cupcakes

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