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The Backwards kid birthday party theme is one of my favorites because it lets you and your guests go completely wacky and silly. Important Note - this kid birthday party theme is recommended for kids who are 7 years of age and older, when they know what 'backwards' really is. You'll be in for a ton of laughs and giggles at this birthday party!

Invitations - For this kid birthday party theme there are lots of creative invitation ideas.

  • You can send "thank you notes" saying "thanks for coming to my backwards birthday party" and putting all the birthday party info on it.
  • You can have the invitation open backwards and the information can be on the outside.
  • You can have backwards writing so they have to read it in a mirror.
  • You can also tell everyone to dress backwards.
  • You can also tell them to get ready for backward walking, talking, playing, eating etc.

Decorations - It's great family fun to make your own kid birthday party theme decorations. An excellent way to start is to find some clipart that'll give your imagination an artistic boost.Now that you're inspired, let's get some creating done!

  • You can start by making your house into a backwards house. Pictures can be turned around or upside down along with all kinds of items in the house as well.
  • You can put streamers on the floor and hang balloons upside down from the ceiling (they definitely don't need helium).
  • Attach the streamers to the ceiling & hanging below are balloons
  • You can then have the chairs facing out at the table.
  • You can put the tablecloth on the floor under the table putting down the silverware first, then the napkins and the plate (upside-down) over both. You can also have the cups put upside down.
  • For this kid birthday party theme, you can have an "EXIT" sign on the front door, and an "ENTRANCE" sign inside on the back door (written backwards if you'd like).
  • Print out banners that are written in backwards language
  • You can have backward playing music in the background
  • You can have your guests enter through the back door or have them enter backwards through the front door.

Party Progression - usually I don't include this but with this theme you need it!

  • When they come say "Goodbye, it was nice having you, I'm glad you could come!!"
  • Give out goody bags
  • Open Presents - open present 1st then the card
  • Eating cake & ice cream
  • Party games
  • Real Food
  • Party games
  • when they leave say "Hello, welcome to my party".

Costumes - Your whole family can dress backwards and inside-out, with ponytails on your foreheads, zippers and buttons in the back, sun-shades or glasses on the back of your head, different pairs of shoes on, a watch around your ankle, your underwear over your clothes, the zaniest and silliest things are best!!! As each kid arrives (walking in backwards), you can tape their backward names on their back and call them by their backward name.

Icebreaker Activities

  • Inside out Pinatas - Have each kid blow a balloon up and tie it. Then dump a huge bag of wrapped candy on the floor. Then give the kids scotch tape and let them cover their balloons with candy. You can then hang these backwards from the ceiling and later give each kid a pi?ata balloon to pop and take home the candies.
  • Ball in the Bucket - Kids need to stand with their back to the bucket and try to get balls into the bucket.
  • Backward Songs - Play songs backwards and have the kids try and guess what songs they are.

Food & Drink -

  • backward hot dogs where the bun is between a weenie sliced in half
  • have pizzas and put them in the cups
  • Inside-Out Sandwiches - Prepare sandwiches. Place the filling on top of the bread slices, instead of inside.
  • Upside-Down Fruit Salad - Place a cherry at the bottom of a bowl, sprinkle some chopped nuts on top, add a spoonful of vanilla yogurt or whipped cream, then add the fruit. Cover with a lettuce leaf, and serve. Let the backwards birthday party guests eat it as is, or turn the salad out onto a plate for a surprise.
  • For a drink you can have 7-up. Make it 7-down by turning the cans upside down and poking a hole for the straw!! You can do this with any canned softdrink.

Birthday Cake -

  • You can have an upside-down cake or cupcakes. Just take your cake or cupcakes, frost them as usual and put them upside-down on a see-through plate. Write on it in backwards writing.
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Bake a packaged pineapple upside down cake, or use a favorite recipe. Turn the cake out of the baking pan in front of the kids so they can see the surprise topping when you flip it upside down. Use colored alphabet macaroni noodles to write the kids' names backwards on the cake.
  • Make upside-down ice cream sundaes to go with the cake. Begin with the toppings, and pile on the sundae ingredients until you end up with ice cream on top.

Party Favors -

  • Silly putty
  • silly string
  • backward pictures - kids standing on their heads or facing away from the camera
  • Another excellent option is to personalize items in backward language.

Games - You can practically take any game and make it a backwards game - it's great fun and can be hysterical!!!

  • Backwards Pinata: For this peculiar birthday party theme you can take any pinata and hang it upside-down!!
  • Backward cake eating: Each kid gets a partner and one of the kids sits in front of the other. The kid sitting behind has to feed the kid sitting in front a piece of cake, since the kid in front can't use her hands and the kid in back can't see, this can be quite hilarious!!
  • Backward freeze dance: In this kid birthday party theme game you freeze when the music starts!!
  • Backward animal guessing: Put pictures of animals or write down names of animals and tape them on kids' backs. Then the kids have to ask the other players yes or no questions to figure out which animal they were. The twist: yes=no and no=yes.
  • Backward Fashion Show: Set up a runway area, put on some good (possibly backwards) music, and have a backwards fashion show. You can provide an extra trunk of dress-up clothes to complement what kids have already got on. Let the kids walk backwards on the runway!!
  • Sardines: This is the name of the backward "Hide and Seek" game. One person hides and everyone else seeks them. When the players find the person hiding, they hide with them and the last person to find them is it for the next round.
  • Backwards obstacle course: Set up an obstacle course and give each kid a numerical number. Have the kids run backwards and in backwards numerical order. You can time each kid and after all are finished, reward the one who took the longest time to finish!!
  • Guessing game: Fill three containers with jelly beans, gum balls and coins (or anything else of the sort) and ask the guests to guess how many are in each container, the person who is farthest from the actual number wins!! (Don't let them know this beforehand so that they will try and get the correct number right…)
  • Pin the Donkey on the Tail: This is a great one! The kids have to pin the donkey on the tail. Remember, whomever is the farthest in getting it right is the winner!!
  • Message Deciphering: Write all kinds of messages backwards and print out on many pages. Then let the kids try to decipher the messages. First one to figure it out wins.
  • Backwards charades - we put a picture on the backs of the contestant and the rest of the guests had to act out the picture
  • Play "What's Missing"-backwards! Fill a tray with a variety of small objects. Let kids study the contents for a few minutes. Then take the tray away, have the kids close their eyes, and add an object. See if they can guess what's new.
    Yes/No Questions: Put an animal sticker (or write the name of the animal) on the back of a player. He or she must ask yes and no questions to figure out what kind of animal he or she is. For example, "Do I live in Africa?" and so on. When the kids answer "yes", it really means "no".
  • Do the Limbo: Play the party limbo music in the background. Have the kids do the limbo, but instead of going underneath the stick - they have to jump over it. Have adults hold the stick. They will start very low and incrementally increase the height.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Write the clues backwards, so the kids must decipher the message before they find any items.

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