Week in Review

Monday - 3-9 Off today - Spring Cleaning Anyone??? Would have loved to start - but I have NO HOT WATER!!! Sigh - this is a major disadvantage to living where I do. Upkeep Sucks! Maybe tomorrow. Waited and waited for the Maintnance Crew.

Tuesday - 3-10 And continued to wait for the maintnance crew - and just as I was about to start screaming in agony - they showed up. Hmmmm, the hot water heater had a melt down. Cindy came over for a little while today. Dinner and bento was "What's in the Fridge" Pasta and a salad. It was really really yummy.

Wednesday - 3-11 Full moon madness - Made extra sure I got up early today so I could celebrate the full moon with the hubby. Did a power circle and Prosperity Flow spell. Hopefully these will help in the coming months. Quick burgers & fries for dinner.

Thursday - 3-12 This is so not my day (and this is personal rant if you don't want to hear it skip down to the next paragraph) - as some of you know - My job is undergoing a MAJOR change as we speak and we should be switching over to a new system soon. Well yesterday I got word that it would be May 1, 2009. This morning I asked when I could expect to get trained on the new system and (duh duh duhhhh) I was told "that is still not clear" - now to me that means either

Arghh!!! As most of you know my meals are for one day - but then I take pics of them on the next calendar day (cause I work 3rds) - And Friday the 13th struck me down - ahhhh!!! My camera won't snap pics and my phone won't send them to the blog. *sigh* Dinner was another all american - pot roast.

Friday - 3-13 Another Friday the 13th - won't hold me back! This is the most traditional bento I've had lately (even if I did forget the egg rolls) so I borrowed a co worker and got this picture. I even put roe in the rice - it was soooooo yummy.

Saturday - 3-14 No picture tonight. Camera is still down and the phone is acting wonky. Chicken salad for a ultra yummy change. I tackled the OC and (LOL) I spent way too much time in BimboLand tonight. But I think I'm getting the hang of this editing thing.

Sunday - 3-15 Today was heavenly - I slept SOOOOO good. It was raining all day. I started the crock pot when I got home (cooked the chicken that way) and then after Jim got up for the day - he added the noodles and let it cook some more. Yet again - no picture, but I had a cold wet day staple - Chicken & Pastry.

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