Back Up Brain

First lets explain what the Notebook is all about. This is a second brain for most of us! It houses all those to do that we need to do and remember.

Step One - Get yourself a notebook. This notebook can be spiral bound or loose leaf in a binder. I would suggest a smallish one that can fit into your purse or pocket. It can be pretty or plain or just about anything as long as it is portable.

Step two - Set up your categories - but start a few pages into the notebook. I use the one page per day system & set up each page as To Do, To Call, To Check, To Go, To Pay, Notes (you get the idea) - Then at the BACK of the notebook I put a label - reference. More on that later.

Step three - You wanted to know why I said start a few pages in - on page one write at the top of this page Quotes! This will be your place to write all of the quotes that inspire you which you come across each day!

Step four - Grab all those lose pieces of paper and start filling in the areas with current to do’s - go wild - make notes for a couple of days.

And Finally - this step is probably the most important! Carry it with you everywhere you go! That's why you need to make sure it is portable.

**A reference is anything you need to remember but really does not have an action step with it! Numbers, websites, a possible book to read, a movie to see, a website that you want to check out

**The more you get out of your head and into the notebook the more brain power you free to use on other things. The key is to make sure to visit it each night so you can reflect on what the next day holds for you.

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  1. hey there witchy lady. so estatic that you made it to the fit-n today, and i get to say "i told you so". i told you you were going to have fun and fit in supper well.
    dont forget you said you wanted to at least get in exercise every other day since you just back to restarting now. and let me know how that chicken turned out, you made it sound really good. and how cool was that meditation karen wrote. now i'm gonna go check out the household notebook because that sounds like heaven.

    Just Remember "Learn to love yourself, 'cause if you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?"