Week in Review

Monday - 3-16 - Worked last night. Had Chicken & Pastry for dinner - no picture cause finances suck right now. Maybe I'll ask for a new camera for my birthday.

For those of you who don't actually know me. I work third shift usually from midnight to nine am. A lot of days when I get off work, I head over to my parent's house (been married for 45 years) and take care of what ever errands they need done. Sometimes it's grocery shopping (like today), sometimes it's take Lucas (my nephew) or entertain him for a little while.

Spent the morning with Mom & Lucas. I love my Mom - she is just ultra supportive and loving. Just being around her makes me feel better most days. And Lucas - wow what a trip today. 1st he didn't want to go shopping & then when I told him we had to go get a cake mix - he couldn't get in the car fast enough. Let's GO!!!! Stopped for a quick bite to eat, then headed out on a cake mix hunt (we were grocery shopping, but Lucas was happy & content because we were hunting cake mix) - And wow - let me tell you I'm shopping with Mom at South Post from now on (provided I can use my recycled bags next time) - bought a buggy load full and didn't spend that much. And to top it all off - they have my tea there for almost $2 less than anywhere else. Mom bought me a box to say thank you for taking time out of my day to help her with her groceries.

And then the day tanked - went home (in the pouring cold rain) - couldn't get my cooler to come out of the car & got soaked trying. Finally made it inside & started dinner - made my cuppa bedtime tea and took my bath. Curled up in bed and Thump-thump thump-thump. Stupid music. Right beside my bedroom. My neighbors are selfish idiots. Would you hand your car keys to a 12 year old and say - here go listen to the radio, momma wants to get stoned. This stupid twat hands her keys to her kid and says put your baby brother in the car and I'll be out in a few minutes. And the 12year old goes out and starts the car and turns the radio up FULL BLAST!!! I hate idiots.

Tuesday - 3-17 St Patrick's Day - Did you remember to wear the green!!!

Well I remembered to wear green - even if I woke up late because of above. Nearly freaked out thinking "lovely I haven't even got time to set up a simple bento - and no frozen foods to go either". Then my husband makes my week. "honey you put a roast in the slow cooker, but didn't put anything else with it - I made Beef & Rice is that okay" As he is packing my bento box into my cooler. How sweet is that? I really wish I had a picture cause he tried to draw a smiley face in the food with rice. Too cute.

Work was same old same old tonight - but I am trying a new take on complaining. Instead of saying "OMG the stupid people keep calling" it is now "Thank you stupid people - you are putting cash in my pocket". It seems to be working. Reinstated the Catch All Notebook (CAN) - 1st entry - Go to Mom's and bake cupcakes!!!! for St Patrick's Day!! Met my rents at Hardee's for breakfast - swapped cars with my dad & then took my Mom & the neffie back to her house. Rounded up all the implements to bake with (while Lucas was underfoot the ENTIRE time - but then that's the fun in baking with the under 5 crowd). He was so ULTRA excited to bake GREEN cupcakes, but did get upset that he didn't get to pinch me. He was just too cute - after baking & icing - we took a pair of pretty fairy cakes up to Grandma & Grandpa Great (as Lucas calls them aka my grandparents). Then settled down on the couch to watch Beverly Hills Chihuaha.

Wednesday - 3-18 - Casual Day at work and then I'm off. I curled my hair before I went to bed and WOW I had a ton of curls when I woke up, but they didn't really stay. Note for next time add some product then roll then sleep.

I really wasn't feeling like waking up - but I got up early enough to watch "The Mentalist" (wasn't impressed with this episode), but missed "NCIS". (Caught the missed episode on CBS.com - gotta love TV on demand) - dinner was Chicken Wings, Celery Sticks, & some chips. I wasn't into a "meal" tonight.

Ended up over at the Rent's after work - even though I wanted to just go home. And then I ended up having to DRIVE to Mt Olive, because my dad forgot to pack his printer when he went out on assignment. I was wasted after that - totally wasted. And needless to say no the closet did not get finished.

Thursday - 3-19 - Woke up with a MASSIVE headache and just feeling yucky - arguement w/the hubby about something really stupid - got into it with my mom - life stinks. Enough said. Oh yeah I'm OC today so I can't do anything.

Friday - 3-20 - Happy Ostara!! Hmmm, I did something a little different today, went out and met up with the girls for Fit-N. It was soooo much fun, working out and then afterward grabbing water, camping out on yoga mats and going over a bunch of stuff. WOW - I'm really glad that I opened my heart to finding these wonderful ladies. I'm certain these sessions will help lead to a healthier me. It was just so super pleasant to get together with real working functioning witches and discuss openly tactics for handling everything from where to get your ritual supplies to wannabes & posers. No stupidity, no drama.

Work mid to 7a and then I shall sleep away my saturday - I'm just really glad that I should have some time off next working week. I put in for it anyway. Dinner consisted of Chicken Cordon Bleu done healthy, garlic mashed "potatoes", and green beans almondine. - Can't you tell I had left overs for my dinner. Ended up working way later than I expected but hey it's worth it.

Saturday - 3-21 I ended up putting in an extra hour Friday night due to a coworker being sick and another just acting like a fool. And OMG, you should hear the make believe drama going on in my life right now, but I'm not supposed to be spreading hate, ask me in a PM and maybe I'll let you in on all the BS. But hey it's all good because I actually have better things to do with my time. Like Fit-N!!! I loved it. Thank You Jackie so much for inviting me. And I can't wait to see you Sunday!! It's gonna rock.

Dinner is lowfat high flavor Enchiladas, love the recipe Roberta - you were right. That little extra is what makes it supper yummy.

Sunday - 3-22 *SIGH* I have to add another 1.5 hours to my schedule today, but it's all good cause that means OVERTIME. And once I leave work - I'm off for the next two days. Ostara ritual here I come, then Challenge, then eventually bed! I'll tell you how it went later!!!! And no baby drama the next couple of days.

Update!!! OMG it was the best day EVER - breakfast with my wonderful hubby, workout with Fit-N group, ritual, new metaphysical shop, coffee date, and then a wonderful dinner out also with my hubby!!


  1. MM, Wendy, it's Roberta. Wow, do you know how many different ways I tried to do this. I'm up early to start cooking for the Ritual today. It's really great that both you and your husband are going to be able to come out and celebrate with us.

    I love the concept of your blog. Of course you are going to start working out ALOT more now that you Fit-N. LOL, maybe we should suggest a group dynamic blog where everyone can sign in and post their weeks, work outs, measurements what ever. Can that be done? We need to discuss it. Bring it up after Ritual today will you? Blessed Be!

  2. MM Roberta - so glad you could make it - I'm up and at work right now. I told you about my whacked out schedule. Whatcha cooking??? Oh yeah, FYI, those enchiladas are heaven!!! And I got my phone to work for a change so I posted the picture on Bento.

    As far as I know - what your asking for is no real big deal, I'll work on it and let you know. You could set up just a straight blog (which I think is a good idea to post dates/times of Fit meets) where everyone could post 1-2 times weekly. There should also be a way to publicly host a calendar of events, but keep it private for invited readers. That way you can keep unvited guests from showing up at functions.