Fairyville - Emma Holly

Before I even get the recap let me first say - WOWSER!!!! Be forewarned: there are a lot of sex scenes, described in blunt language, featuring a variety of acts and permutations. You've got M/F, M/M and M/F/M. And man, it is hot!!! While established fans of this author are most likely already aware that Emma Holly's stories often contain such content, new fans that will pick up the book in their local bookstore will have no way of knowing by looking at the book. If they don't care for this kind of material, then the surprise may turn them off of Holly's work for good, even those titles that are strictly M/F. Okay now for the recap.
Zoe Clare, a medium, has been in love with Magnus Monroe, her landlord and manager, for two years. He seems to like her very much, yet every full moon he spends the night with another woman, although that's a one-off and he doesn't see the woman again.

Alex Goodbody is visiting Fairyville because he was hired to look into whether a young boy, Oscar, is was swapped with a Changeling at birth. Alex had left Fairyville under a cloud after being discovered having sex with his football coach, but Zoe still loves him and his arrival in town rekindles some of her old feelings. To add to the complication, Alex came with his fellow private investigator, Bryan McCallum, with whom he's just started a sexual relationship. Bryan and Alex have worked together for ten years, and Bryan is deeply in love.

As soon as Alex and Bryan arrive in Fairyville, strange things begin to happen - rocks shower on them in a hotel room, angels are summoned by Zoe to rescue them, and a relative of Alex's speaks to him from beyond the grave. As soon as Zoe meets Alex again, some of their feelings come back, which leads to jealousy on Magnus's part and insecurity for Bryan.
(My Turn)
This was my first read by Emma Holly, but I will definitely read more (my husband wants to go out and buy every book ever written right NOW). She certainly proved able to juggle the demands of a satisfying erotic romance (providing the reader with good romance and great sex) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any paranormal erotic romance fan. I found her style of writing to be quirky and well developed without being overly wordy. I keep going back to the word WOW.

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