I wanted a new look to go with the new me - healthier lifestyle, no smoking, yada yada yada. So I went and saw my hair Wizard and tada (after a bit of a argh moment)

Brand new hair style - cut & color. I love it.


  1. it's a nice length and great colour, My hair is a bit longer now, but it's just so easy to do things with. Tonight I am colouring my own hair, it's black at the moment and putting leopard print purple in a large chunk. You buy imprints that you put the lightner on and 'stamp' it on your hair, leave it, it lightens with a leopard print [fab] and then over dye it purple. Will put up a pic too.

  2. Now that is totally cool - I went blonde so I could temp streaks & colors. I can't wait to see a picture!!