Bento 58 - Chicken w/Bak Choy

So of course I had to use one of my new actual bento BOXES!!! I got a "real" box now. So anyhoos - I packed up an abso fabu meal of chicken thighs, bak choy & maki, to break in the new box.

TTT - T Totally Terrific!!!!

And wouldn't you know it - one of my coworkers says Windy, what are you carrying in the bag of yours. (it's possibly because I came dragging into work - because I had NO coffee today) So I say - hmmm, let me look. Starting from the lower left corner - Tinkerbell Tea Mug (gotta have a lid for the op room), Box of yogi green tea (it is suppppppper yummy you must try it), A Charmed Life (the current book selection), Back up brain, gum, wallet, My new silver ware kit, Bitter & Milk bento, Orange Spray (perks you up), Aleve, Damina, and of course my camera case!

I got my Ichiban Kan order in today - I'm SOOOOOO happy!!!

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