My Extended Family Easter Sunday

My mom worked really hard with the baby's help on setting up some beautiful Easter decorations and I would say they succeeded. I just love the egg tree with the wisteria.

And the bunny is a cute touch.

Lucas was SOOOOO happy about the day. He wanted to eat all his nummy-nums and hunt Easta Egg - while we waited for all the kids to get there, we played on the swing set and in the sand box.

Lucas & His GeeGee. What else shows love and laughter like this?

Most of the extended family was able to make it - Yippie!!!! I haven't seen some of these guys for over a year. And then there were the suprises - saw Shonn, Kaylee & Noah 2 weekends in a row. Amazing!!! One whole family section did not show up & we were missing another cousin & his family. I was very happy to see every one who came down. Thank you!

Buffet Lunch - Mom didn't want a traditional sit down & eat meal, so everyone brought a dish or 2 and it was graze as needed. The kids loved it!!!

My contribution - Jim made deviled eggs. LOL. I helped with a bunch of stuff mom did, but I didn't actually cook anything.

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