Recap 4-6 to 4-12

Monday - 4-6 Got up this afternoon (gotta love days off and how they twist you up with times), Decided to start the Hedge Witch Challenge, Opened all the windows, and aired out the house. Then started cleaning. Made it through almost the whole house in one afternoon, I'm so proud. If I go with the Fling Thing Boogie - I racked up 200 points today. LOL.

Fit-N Household Chore Spring Cleaning!!! Witchery, Long bath soak, Laundry, Goddess time, Yoga

Tuesday - 4-7 Lucas Birthday - Called Mom & Dad 1st thing this morning and had them meet me at McDonald's with Lucas. After breakfast (dad went back to work) Lucas & I went and played in the play land. Wow - that's a workout, climbing through those tunnels & tubes & slides. It was a lot of fun. Especially when I "tricked" Lucas into going down the slide first and I stayed up in the tubes calling for him. He seemed to have fun which was the whole point of it. I couldn't let his actual birthday not have something fun to do. He also got the rest of his present today, Tigger stuffed animal & a Queen bento box. He was all smiles & giggles. Then we went to walmart & he got in trouble, he decided he doesn't like wearing clothes & took his pants off in the middle of the store. After all that - I went home, got my Bedtime Tea & hot bath, and then went to sleep VERY peacefully.

Fit-N Play Time, Family Time & Household Chores

Wednesday - 4-8 Sleep o glorious sleep - How I craved you today, to bad I didn't get as much as I had wanted to get. But I just had to try a new habit, finished The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey and innocently walked it back to the library. OMG - I was so embarrassed by the way my library looked. Books all over - the floor, the tops of shelves, falling down. So naturally before I could sleep I HAD to fix it. I dusted, vacuumed, reorganized, rearranged, combined - in short I cleaned up the whole room before I went to bed.

Fit-N Me time, sleep & library clean up

Thursday - 4-9 CentraComm 8year anniversary. Meeting with my boss this morning. I'm still not sure what's going on, oh well that's life. Ended up over at the Rents building 19 Easter baskets.

That took from 930a until 1230ish, ran out for a Will&Grace (and to drop off the clothes I cleaned out of my closet). A friend wanted first dibbs on them, then she'll pass on what ever she didn't want plus some of her clothes. Wow I really need to set aside a day to sleep, I hear it's healthy.

Got up early tonight to do a Full Moon Rite with the hubby & got an invite to hang out with another potential pagan group. Thank you Goddess for bringing all these wonderful people into my life. Oh year - and made some extra cash today - but I'll never tell how.

Fit-N Family Time, Work, Will&Grace, Play time, Ritual, Money Maker

Friday - 4-10 ARGH!!! I need to learn to say no more! Today was supposed to be a short day cause I was up so late yesterday. I was going straight home and hop right into bed, right? Wrong!

I ended up thinking that the bookstore would be a lovely place to visit - after all I needed to pick up a book for my MissBimbo bookclub selection - but the bookstore didn't have it in (after telling me they had it). Anyhoo - I picked up a couple of the discount books cause I needed some Chick Lit for the newest 2009 Challenge and a tall Breve for the road and headed in the direction of home & bed.

Then my spirits plunged - I don't don't even know why. I started feeling majorly down & out, questioning several of my newest life style choice, so instead of loosing control completely - I drove toward Lori's. Just popped in for all of 20mins, but Evil Auntie said she hates me now (only cause she was jealous). So I picked her up a bribe (one that always works - see this note Uncle D) & headed to the rents to play with my nephew to lift my spirits - hey hey hey play in the sand box or follow me or Dino or whatever game that wonderful 3 year old mind can come up with and see if you don't get happier. And it worked as normal - but then another Aunt called and asked my Mom if she was going out to the Old Bluff today to put flowers on Papa & Grandma's graves. Mom asked me to go, so I said yes, and we loaded everyone up in the car - picked up the baker and headed off to the Old Bluff. (Now that is an interesting drive - My mom & my aunt kept arguing about which way to go)

Got to the church with no big delays, took of the old flowers, put on the new, chased Lucas around the tombstones, got a wisteria plant for everyone who wanted one, stopped by a old time store (local food/good prices), mom got some yucky stuff & bread, ran into 4 different places trying to find an i ceam cone aunt wee, and then finally drove back to the rents. Then helped my sister move 600 lbs of sand - 300 going to the dump pile 300 into the sand box, OUCH.

Fit-N Family time, Play Time, Books, Yoga

Saturday - 4-11 Got off work this morning and went over to the Rents & ended up running Mom to Food Lion so we could get some eggs (they forgot them yesterday). Got back to the house - put the eggs on to cook & tied up the seat cushions for Mom. Then it was time to run to Mickey D's for a fast breakfast with Mom(Dad stayed home to work), Uncle D (Evil Auntie slept late), Theresa(John was at school) & Lucas(who just looked entirely too cute this morning in his jeans & Tom Train Tshirt). Got the food, every camped out in the play area(every where else was full) & ate. After maybe 5 bites, Lucas decided it was time to play - come on Aunt Wee follow me. Well he had to eat a couple more bites and then away we went, through tunnels and tubes and slides oh my. Up and down and back up - cries of follow me and weeeee. All in all a fun morning - at least I remembered to let my inner child play.

Then it was back to the house to dye Easter Eggs.

Fit-N Family time, play

Sunday - 4-12 Easter - See seperate post

Fit-N Family time, Jim Time

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