Recap 4-13 to 4-19

4-13 Monday Got off work this morning, went home saw DH for a bit, played my new Sonic game (thanks Mom) for 30mins and then I went to bed. Sleep glorious sleep - I think I got too much today. But I feel better, oh so better.

Fit-N Sleep

4-14 Tuesday Today marks the 46th anniversary of my Parents nuptials. Had a money making op today & took it. Had a friend laughing over the power of thinking positive(even if it was a little mean spirited). Finally got to the mall to exchange the broken bento box & go cup.

Fit-N A short visit with Dad, Will&Grace computer style

4-15 Wednesday My day off - HA. Ended up running all day long. It was over to mom's to go grocery shopping - Nope.
Ended up at the mall because Theresa joined the party. Lane Bryant & Gymbaree were her main goals. I ended up with a new outfit + a shirt. I thought the cargo shorts w/color cord tank were just too cute & a must have item. Next up Mom & I went to Catherine's so mom could pick up some new clothes, while Theresa & Lucas sat this one out. Chilling in the van.
Then we went to Joe's - so we could take our tops off - OMG this was a super yummy abso fabu meal. It was the perfect amount of crab legs, shrimp & sausage. I really enjoyed sitting out on the sun deck talking with my mother & my sister while Lucas played. This was for me the most enjoyable part of the day.
Then we went all the way out to Hope Mills to run an errand for Theresa, then we had to go home so she could get ready for her night class. About 4p Mom & I finally made it to the grocery store with Lucas. Picked up what we started the day for and then I went home.

Fit-N Family Time, Grocery Shopping

4-16 Thursday OC today - so I didn't want to do anything that would interfer with that. I ended up completely rearrange then living room (pictures later) - sorted out all the movies and got them put up, pulled articles out of the magazines, and put a plastic bin in the Honda to hold recyclables - now I just have to get by the recycle zone when they are open. *sigh*

Fit-N Household chores

4-17 Friday - Didnt do anything today but hang out and relax.

Fit-N Me time

4-18 Saturday


4-19 Sunday - This was possibly the best Sunday I've had in a long time, even if I did have to work late. After I got off work, I went home - picked up the hubby & headed to the rents. My mom, dad, sister, brother in law, nephew, husband & self spent the entire day together. We cleaned out mom's fish pond & got the babies uniform put in & cooked a wonderful family style meal of ribs, baked potatoe, & salad. It was so relaxing and fun.

Fit-N Family Time

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