Challenge Updates

Considering that I just signed up for another challenge. I thought would take a moment & figure out where I am currently at on all my challenges.

How many can you read? 0/? - starts 8-1

2009/2010 Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge 17 months left 0/19

GLBT Challenge 2009 Due 12-31-09 3/6

Summer Reading Challenge Due 9-21-09 3/12

Take A Chance Challenge Due 11-30-09 5/10

100+ Reading Challenge Due 12-31-09 67/100

Paranormal 999 Challenge Due 9-9-09 50/81
Vampires 4/9
Magic 9/9
Weres 5/9
Fairies 5/9
Ghosts 5/9
Time Travel 5/9
Mythical Creatures 4/9
Physics/Paranormal Talent 7/9
Angels/Demons/Gods/Goddess 6/9

A-Z Reading Challenge Due 12-31-09 33/52
Titles 18/26
Authors 15/26

Hmmmm, looks like I may be falling behind. I knocked out 2 challenges super fast & now I seem to be stalled. Gotta get a move on it.


  1. Don't feel too bad. I'm way behind on mine. As for Stephanie Plum, I might sign up, since I have her first book in my TBR list this year. Good luck with them. I've got to add my challenges to my blog. Any tips?

  2. This is my first year participating in others' reading challenges so I went easy: 5 plays, 100 short stories without a due date, and then got roped into the GLBT challenge. The first two themes I read regularly anyway. Maybe next year I'll join more challenges. My own personal challenge is to get through some of the towering Dread Pile o'Reads.

  3. Kristen - certainly - (if you want to cheat) click on what ever challenge post you want to try over to the left. Then copy the whole thing & stick it in blank post. Then you can "fancy" it up with the pictures (right click save/up load) and links. That's how I do it. To get the fancy "list" type to the side I used the blogger lay out and then an html gadget to add the challenges.

    Mish - This is my first year participating in any challenges (other than the one auntisocial & sinful have going) - I think I caught the bug & ran with it. LOL.