Book:The Lie

Fredrica Wagman
Chick Lit
Steerforth Press / April 2009
Quality Paperback / 224 Pages

Ramona Smollens has a chance meeting on a park bench with an older man, Solomon Columbus. The two became lovers, and soon Ramona is leaving the home of her mother and recently deceased father for marriage and the trappings of adult life. She takes with her a dark family secret, the sort of secret one simply did not talk about, one that would stalk her as she matured into her role as wife and mother. Coming of age in 1950s America, Ramona gets her cues about a woman's role from the world around her, and about female sexuality from the silver screen. But when experience teaches her that Hollywood's ideal is in fact "the lie," truth and desire collide with a force that is deeply moving and unforgettable.

What I liked the Most? The haunting verbage & graphic imagery.

What I liked the Least? The format. I prefer classic writing styles.

Review: The first thing you notice about this book is the cover, bold - red, then you see the 1950s pinup "Rita Haywood" inspired picture. Simply stunning. Then the story grabs you by the throat and holds on tight.

A week after her father's death, Ramona meets Solomon. They spend the afternoon sitting on a bench chainsmoking & sharing their stories - continueing on during a tourental downpour. Ramona then takes this man she just met home to meet her lonely deranged mother, Trixie, who insists that Solomon leave while he insists he intends to marry her daughter, whom he met four hours ago and he does, less than a month later.

Presented entirely from Ramona's mindset, in an unique stream of conscious "thought train" that winds through the haunting, twisted journey. You see the tale unfold. You start to relate to her and you get sucked in. Ramona's past is revealed as her present unfolds and she struggles with her relationships with husband, mother, and even especially self. As I do not wish to reveal too many spoilers, the details will have to remain in this wonderfully written book.

To be completely honest, I must say it is not an "enjoyable" book to read - the subject matter makes that impossible - it is, however, a book that can not be put down. It is engaging and you will find yourself drawn to Ramona, wanting to know the next step in her evoloution.

Beware, this book hits you in the heart and forces you to think. It is a very emotionally charged book. Fredrica Wagman is a bold author who is not afraid to dive into the seamy underbelly of human emotions and she will pull under with her.

Recommended to: Other Women

Best Quote: "everything in your head is scrambled eggs...You've lost it" - Solomon (I thought he was talking to me)

Challenges: 100+

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