Movie: G-Force

Directed by Hoyt Yeatman.

Bill Nighy - Saber
Will Arnett - Kip Killian
Zach Galifianakis - Ben
Nicolas Cage - Speckles (voice)

MPAA rating: PG (for mild action, rude humor)

Running time: 1:29

Gadgets, Gizmos, Guinea Pigs. In 3-D.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer brings his first 3-D film to the big screen with "G-Force," a comedy adventure about the latest evolution of a covert government program to train animals to work in espionage. Armed with the latest high-tech spy equipment, these highly trained guinea pigs discover that the fate of the world is in their paws. Tapped for the G-Force are guinea pigs Darwin, the squad leader determined to succeed at all costs; Blaster, an outrageous weapons expert with tons of attitude and a love for all things extreme; and Juarez, a sexy martial arts pro; plus the literal fly-on-the-wall reconnaissance expert, Mooch, and a star-nosed mole, Speckles, the computer and information specialist. Along the way, the G-FORCE encounters myriad other members of the animal kingdom, including pet shop layabout Hurley and the rabidly territorial hamster Bucky.

I picked this movie because 4 words - poop in his hand (Okay so Lucas picked it out - same thing)

What I liked the Most? Lucas' Laugh/the stupid mice

What I liked the Least? Gross out moment with the roaches

Review: Personally, I found this movie to be an extremely funny take on the ever so tired "Spy Movie". It just happens to star a group of highly trained rodents (who are aiming to become FBI Special Agents) instead of a Bond or a Powers.

This movie was shooting for the goal of entertainment & it scored big time. The G-Force under take a mission to infiltrate a high profile, home electronics developer who may have a plot to take over the world. But the FBI doesn't care and the group find themselves on the run from the FBI - who now want them shut down and exterminated. With the help of some pet store refugees they must fight their way back into action and save the day.

I totally enjoyed myself & from the sounds of Lucas' laugh, he did too. And then mom said she enjoyed herself entirely too much just because of me & Lucas shouting tag lines at the screen & laughing like idiots. She said "You two make things like this good". LOL. I had fun mom, thanks for taking us.

Recommended to: Anyone wanting to laugh

Best Quote: "Poop in his hand" - the idiot mice