Well it is official – today is my last alone day here at this wonderful beach. Now don’t get me wrong, people have been down here and all, but I could be as antisocial as I wanted to be and no one would be the wiser that that is not my usual habit.

So to celebrate my time here – I went back to Brookgreen Gardens. This time to tour the garden/sculpture side. OMG – this place is truly a work of art.

I spent a very pleasant 4 hours walking around the gardens – admiring the beautiful plants (Ginger Lilly smells HEAVENLY) and stunning art work.

The only blight on the morning was my so called lady at lunch. So many people had talked about the plantation dining room that I simply had to try it. BIG mistake!! I went in, was seated, and the lovely hostess brought out my lemonade right away – then it all went south. Maybe it is because I was there by myself or maybe the waitress just has issues with fat chicks. I’m not sure what happened, but the 4 tables near me (seated after I got my lemonade) were waited on super quick, the waitress came over all smiles, and how do you dos, and may I please take your order with a I recommend the shrimp basket thrown in right. She handled each of those 4 tables with 2 to 8 people at them with lightning quickness – and now I know that the waitress can not control the timing of the food coming from the kitchen – to the point that by the time she even noticed that I was there, the couple that came in right behind me were already receiving their meal. And if that was not bad enough – when she finally notices that I have been patiently waiting for her to come over to the table – I swear I was being waited on by Flo from Mel’s Diner – whatcha want? At that point I said no thank you – stood up and walked to the register, paid for my lemonade and I’m not joking she stood there going “what – you PMSing or something”

So my advice to you – if you go to Brookgreen Gardens – and you really must because it is freaking spectacular – do not I repeat DO NOT go to the fancy dining room for lunch. Either pack a picnic basket or go to the Lowcountry Trail snack bar. At least the prices there are more honest.

Okay deep breaths – enough negativity. Now the true wonder of my day was the sea turtle talk. That was awesome – I didn’t get a good picture of the naturalist Lisa and I will not even begin to embarrass the poor girl with the one that I did snap. Wow. So anyway – the sea turtle talk was very informative. First up, the loggerback sea turtle (SC state reptile) is a threatened species, grows to be between 5-6 long,

And then it rained – and I’m not talking about a nice delicate little sprinkle. I mean a torrential down pour. But hey it was super yummy to curl up in camper and hear the rain on the roof.


  1. Sea turtle sooooo cute!

    Brookgreen gardens looks sooooo good - what a shame about the 'fancy schmancy' dining room. Now take a deep breath and repeat after me "I am gorgeous inside and out!" :)

  2. Deep breaths in & out - "I am gorgeous inside and out!" LOL.

  3. Thanks Sheila - I just loved this vacation.