VACATION: Thursday

Woke up to a major problem – the camper was playing hostess to about a million ants, so I had to run outside and figure out where they were coming in at, seal up that hole and then deal with the ones inside. What a mess. And that was all before 5am & coffee. Aye Chihuahua!

Hung out around the camper most of the early morning after breakfast (salad) & yoga. Once again – no pictures LOL. After being a lazy bum for the early hours I decided to get up and head out – first stop, alligator class at the causeway.
Where we (the group) met Dean for an intriguing class on alligators. And Dean really I wasn’t trying to make it look like you didn’t know what you were talking about.

*side note – it is not my fault that I know quite abit about a reptile that lived literally down the street from me in Florida. I happen to have read A LOT and I retain information extremely well.*

The surf seining class got canceled due to weather, so I toured the Atalaya early and wow – that place is really cool. Looks like it could use some renovation, but still pretty cool. I really like the servant quarters – small but really super cozy – add a bed and you would be set. It’s amazing how much our expectations change over the years.

Next on my Daily Want To list – visit Ebb & Flow. A funky little art gallery/coffee house. Where I got the perfect breve – foamy & hot with a heart (but the picture didn’t come out *pout*). It was a perfect combo of hip art & snazzy localism with a dash of bohemian chic tossed in. From the driftwood reindeer & palm Christmas tree out front to the refurbished “door” tables in the gallery. I had a perfectly groovy time hanging out and listening to an Irish gig.

I also managed to do a bit of shopping today – picked up a stuffed alligator for Lucas (so what if he calls it a crocodile) & a beach towel for me. And I made it to BAM to get Tuesday & Wednesday up.

After I came back to the camper and fixed our dinner – I decided it was too early to call it quits for the day. So why not take Divo down to the beach and see what he thinks of the big water. Well that was all around a messed up walk. Divo hated walking down the path way, and then he really didn’t like the fact that he had to walk beside the ranger guy, and man the skeeters were awful, but nothing even comes close to his expression when he figured out that I wanted him to get wet. The first time down to the water he walked in with out a hitch. High stepped a bit, but no real big deal. Then he went out a bit further & decided he wanted mom to pick him up, which I did. No big. But when I sat him down at the water’s edge – he dug in all four feet and refused (I mean flat out refused) to step near the water again. Then he started hauling butt to the sand dunes – just as fast I would let him go.

To add insult to injury – we had to rinse off all the sand & salt water when we got back to the campsite – you would have thought I was killing him with all the noises he let loose with. Whimpers, whines, barks & howls. Wow. Wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t been there with him.

The only down fall to today – my vacation is officially half over now & I don’t wanna go back.

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