VACATION: Wednesday

I woke up bright & early. Yoga, a quick walk, shower & breakfast – and then hauled hiney out of the park to have some serious FUN. Well okay – after I stopped to take a bird watching “class”. LOL.

But I had more fun watching the crabs and alligator.

But I was a girl on a mission. See DH gave me an awesome present – the fee for the Ultimate Package (wand, topper, 90 minutes play & 5 duels) at Magiquest So I drove up to Broadway on the Beach.

(Got lost for a bit, but had a wonderful trip down memory lane of the summer my sister & I got to cruise Mrytle Beach by ourselves. Hanging out at the Teen Club & going to the Gay Dolphin & the rides at the Amusement Park. I probably stayed “lost” over there for an extra hour going – wow – movie in my head. Those are some great memories.)

Anyhoo – finally got back on the right track and located Broadway on the Beach & Magiquest,

found a really excellent parking place that had trees on 3 sides – so the car would stay shaded. And then it was off to find my wand & topper.

After a brief tutorial (listen to your guide) – let the game begin. You pick a quest such as the “Dazzle Rune Quest”. Watch the wizard tell you about it –
Seek out the five crystals with colors so bright, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and – most powerful – white. The Lady in the Leaves, in the Forest so deep, Will grant the Dazzle Rune. It’s all yours to keep.
And then you get clues to locate the crystals.
On a wall facing the treehouse, not far from the well, it’s here you’ll discover where Red crystals dwell.
So you go to the well near the treehouse and the look for red crystals (or whatever you are searching for) point your wand and viola – you have claimed the Red crystal – now on to the next. Search for the other 4 crystals, and after you find them, you must find the Lady in the Leaves.

I completed all of the following Rune Quests – Lightning, Healing, Dazzle, Music, Enchant Creature, Reveal – and made it most of the way through Portal. After your game is “over” (Time runs out – and that was 90 minutes worth of running around like a chicken with her head cut off – let me tell you) you can still duel (fight another wizard) or do another game called the Garden Quest. You leave the building and go around Broadway at the Beach looking for characters. LOL. So I think I deserve lunch out and where else can you go but to Margaritaville. and I got a non-alcoholic Margarita and a burger. Wow – this was a super yummy lunch. I’ll have to do salad (no tops) and an extra walk to even out – but it was soooooo worth it.

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