Book:Goddess of Light

PC Cast
Berkley / April 2005
Mass Market / 329 Pages
Series: Goddess Summoning #3

Interior designer Pamela Gray has nearly given up on romance. She's tired of controlling egomaniacs. She wants romance and she wants it with someone with real godlike qualities. As she whispers her wish, she unwittingly invokes the Goddess Artemis, who has some tricks up her celestial sleeve...

Twins Artemis and Apollo have been sent to the kingdom of Las Vegas to test their mettle in a world where they are no longer worshiped. The last thing Artemis expected was to be obliged to a mortal through a heartfelt wish—and she demands that her golden brother make that wish a reality. Who better than the handsome and charming God of Light to bring love to this lonely woman?

But Apollo is not quite prepared for this spitfire of a woman in her stiletto heels. Pamela may be a mortal, but she is a goddess in spirit—and in Sin City, where all of life is a gamble, Pamela finds the courage to let go of her fears and love again. After all, you only live once: Or do you?

I picked this book up because I like the title of it & the tag was great.

What I liked the Most? The characters were really good, funny "normal"

What I liked the Least? Now where does the book actually say that it is part of a series, but it was a good stand alone read.

Review: I didn't even really read the back of the book when I picked this one up, hmm it's pretty & I liked the name, so take a chance - right.

Wow - I am blown away. This is the first time I have read anything by PC Cast & I am truly impressed. I loved the quirk she gave to all the characters from Bitchy "Virgin" Artemis to Jealous Bacchus to Jaded, Stunned Pamela (Side note - I abso loved V the lesbian sidekick phone calls true laugh out loud moments).

Now for the story line. Pamela freed herself of her control freak husband 2 years ago and turned herself into massive workaholic who can't remember the name of her last date. She jumps at an interior design job in Vegas for the wonderfully eccentric SciFi write Faust only to be horrified by his request - reproduce the totally tacky Caesear's Palace Forum (created by Bacchus). In Olympus Zeus decides everyone's been moping too long so he opens a portal to Las Vegas for the weekend.

Artemis tries to jump start her brother Apollo, who's been in a rotten mood ever since he was spurned by Persephone (only she was a mortal woman instead).

Things go awry when the nymphs at Bacchus proding - cast an invocation at the ugly fountain, and Pamela unwittingly compltetes it. And then the story gets interesting.

Recommended to: Fans of mythological contemporary romances.

Best Quote:"Being a goddess has its perks..."

Challenges: 100+, Para999, Take A Chance


  1. Glad this worked for you ... and I love the idea of the "old" gods in the modern world. Have you read "Gods Behaving Badly" by Marie Phillips? I LOVED that book .. and it is kind of along these lines!

  2. It's on the wish list, but I haven't picked it up yet.