September Full Moon Ritual

September / Harvest Moon - Thanksgiving Ritual

Items Needed for Ritual:
Bowl of Water, White candle, Moon Symbols (if you want to decorate the alter)

Circle Cast
I conjure thee O circle of moonlit magic! So that you will be for me a boundary between myself and all negativity. A safe place of containing peace, joy, and positive forces. I call upon the beings of the east, south, west and north to aid me in the construction of this magical circle. In the name of the Goddess of Night and her Consort, thus do I conjure thee O circle of moonlit Magic. This circle is sealed.

Quarter Call
Celestial Winds, come dance and sing; With you, airs of inspiration bring.
Full and rich, to my heart, All your wisdom pray impart.

Cosmic Fires, come dance and sing; With you, sparks of cleansing bring.
Full and rich, to my heart, All your strength pray impart.

Astral Waters, come dance and sing; With you, waves of insight bring.
Full and rich, to my heart, All your creativity pray impart.

Stellar Earth, come dance and sing; With you, soils of flowering bring.
Full and rich, to my heart, All your rooting pray impart.

Shining Spirit, come dance and sing, With you, the magic of harmony bring.
Full and rich, to my heart, All your power pray impart.

Meditation and Visualization
Sit down where you are and breathe deeply. There is no need to rush; now is a time of softness, of quiet knowing. See yourself in your mind's eye as you sit. Above you is a smiling moon, in full glory.

As you look upon the lunar sphere, you see that the light is alive. It dances, and sings a special song. It jumps from the surface like a fire and travels downward to embrace you. The touch is cool, yet warm.

It reaches beyond your skin and saturates every pore, every cell----you are the moonlight; you are the shadow of a star. There is no body now to hold you back. Let your spirit fly with the moon wherever it needs to go. Make notes about this experience afterward in your ritual journal.

Goddess of the moon, queen of the night,
keeper of women's mysteries, mistress of the tides,
you who are ever changing and yet always constant,
I ask that you guide me with your wisdom,
help me grow with your knowlege,
and hold me in your arms.

Light the moon candle, and take a moment to reflect upon the gifts you have in your life. Lift the bowl of water towards the sky.
The moon is the symbol of the mother,
and she watches over us day and night.
She brings the changing tide, the shifting night,
the flow that changes women's bodies,
and the passion of lovers to their beloved.
Her wisdom is great and all-knowing,
and we honor her tonight.
Keep your watchful eyes upon us, great mother,
until the cycle returns once more,
and bring us to the next full moon,
in your love and light.

Take a few moments to think about the things in your life which you are thankful for and remember to say Thank You.

Quarter Release
Shining Spirit, your song still sings, And with it now the magic brings.

Stellar Earth, your blossoms close, But in my heart their fragrance grows.

Astral Waters, your waves subside, Into my heart, there to reside.

Cosmic Fires, your sparks wane, But in my heart, they live again.

Celestial Winds, your airs fade, But carry the magic, as I bade.

Circle Release
I thank you loving Goddess and your Consort for hearing my words of thanks. I thank the protectors of the north, west, south and east for your help in the construction of this magical circle. I now release the energy and love raised here in this circle out into the universe. I know the universe in its infinite wisdom will provide for me. This circle is open never broken. So mote it be.

Use the water for any purpose you need blessed water for, but make sure to use it this month.


  1. This is very cool. I'm all for being thankful, and this is a wonderful way to take time to celebrate everything you are thankful for. Just checked my calendar, full moon tonight!

  2. I love taking the time monthly to "check in" with myself. Sometimes I do what I need to banish, sometimes what I need to work on, but during the harvest times I love to remind myself what I need to be thankful for.