Book:Men With Red Ties

Nastya Polikarpova
Outskirts Press / 2009
Quality PaperBack / 183 Pages

"The window of this taxi and I have something in common," one reveals. "We are breathed on by strangers, covered by countless dirty fingers, stained by coffee, oil, and grease. It wears the poor window out, an exhaustion that a car wash cannot cleanse away."

I picked this book up because Review Book

What I liked the Most? I do not know where to begin.

What I liked the Least? It was too short

Review: PYTs (Pretty Young Things) - Alina, Alexa and their friends are viewed as down & dirty sluts/whores - making their living by "dancing" for the "Men With Red Ties". These men who veneer of civility clashes with the desire to own, posess, and other wise control the innocence of girls interrupted. Knowing that most of the dancers are seeking perfection - that loving husband/father figure to cherish and care for them - the Red Ties use their money to buy the girls for their beauty and charm, yet the girls constantly turn the tables on them. Follow the path of these dancers as they tell you the stories from their side of the foggy, fingerprinted glass.

I can not tell you the number of times I have said - if only I looked like her (pick a shapely female) then I would be happy. All the while, these PYTs, were trying so desperately to find the same happiness while stating if only I could be her. Really, women must truly learn & understand that happiness lies with in us.

Truly a must read book. It's gone back on the stack to be read again.

Recommended to: Anyone

Best Quote:"And you - are you happy?"

Challenges: 100+


  1. Interesting. This book doesn't really appeal to me, but based on your review, I'd definitely give it a go.

  2. This is not a book that I would have just picked up. I'm not even certain that I would have ever picked it up - but wow, really made an impression on me.