Book: Sorrowed Souls

Brenda Youngerman
Eloquent / 2009
Quality PaperBack / 298 Pages

The eyes are said to be the window to the soul. Have you ever looked at someone whose eyes have no light? Follow the journey out of the darkness.

In the space of a moment, Bryan Tines thought he had lost everything that was important to him. Waking up in a strange place with no recollection of where he came from, or who he was; lost, hungry and dirty, his life would have been over if not for the kindness of the invisible layer of society.

Gus Hill was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and alcohol coursing through his veins. Living on the outside looking in, Gus goes down a path of self-destruction and finds that the harsh words of a true friend enable him to help himself and others who feel their lives have no meaning. Through this path, Gus finds what is really important.

Amy Pickens was born into a working class family-a planned and difficult birth-her mother never let her forget how much of a burden Amy's life was to her. She became the unwanted child. Struggling with confidence issues, she accidentally finds happiness, which in one fleeting moment, appears to go awry.

Brenda Youngerman writes a tale of stunning clarity and insight into the lives of average people. Beautifully written, her novel explores the human condition, the ways in which our past torture and free us, and the risks we're willing to take to realize the illusive dream of happiness.

I picked this book up because Review

What I liked the Most? it was a gripping story.

What I liked the Least? the actual story line - it was hard to read.

Review: What intangible connection weaves it's way through this story? Death - with its own set of rules and regulations. The death of innocence stripped bare by a mother's hate and a vicious rape. The relationship's death because of forgotten times and broken promises. The endless cruel death of a child by parental hand.

What other intangible thread ties a knot into the reader? Hope - that feeling of what is wanted can be had. Hope that society will see the invisible people. Hope that forgiveness can be achieved. Hope that a shower will wash away the death's stench.

This story was a hard book to read, not for the writing style or lack of eloquence by Ms Youngerman - but because of the very nature of the characters. This book, really makes a person thank & thankful of where they are in life.

Recommended to: Anyone

Best Quote: "You don't smell very good"

Challenges: 100+


  1. Thanks for the positive review - I'm glad you enjoyed the book.
    I would have to say though that the intangible connection that weaves its way through this story isn't really death as much as it is the ying and yang of positive and negative. Every character (actually every person) has to macke choices and is faced with positives and negatives in their life. I choose to stick towards the positive and avoid (what I call) the negative vortex.

    We all have a choice to either get sucked down with our problems or rise above them and learn from our mistakes. Sorrowed Souls is about figuring out what is really important - before it is too late.


  2. Oh I totally agree that every person has to make the choice for themselves, but I feel that the death/rebirth thread was the most powerful in this story line. Everyone made the choices that lead to the death - then even when it was too late, they figured out what was important.