Blue Moon/Full Moon/New Year's Eve Ritual

Prior to the ritual itself - take a sheet of paper draw a big T on the paper. On the left column, write down the things you to bid farewell to in the coming year. Saying goodbye to these things will make room for better things to come.
*Fretting over the lack of ——– in my life
*Any insecurity or jealousy over ——–
*Worry about ——-
Choose things like bad health habits, obsessions over certain people, money worries, unfulfilling jobs, and long-carried emotional pain.

Once you are done with the things you want to say goodbye to, turn your attention to the right column and write down things that you want to welcome in for the next year. Not things you resolve to do. Not things they “invited” in, but may not come. Rather, things they “welcomed” in because that implies that these things are definitely coming to them and they’ll be happy to have these things in their lives. Some Examples:
*Continue and expand my social circle and spiritual circle of friends and students, with wonderful lessons coming to me and from me
*More loving relationships with family, friends, and co-workers
*An amazing, fun, intimate, creative, and intense sex life
*Learning new things and meeting new people
*Business opportunities that bring me many different streams of abundantly flowing income and allow me to be mobile in my workspace and hours

Next task, consider a verb for the next year and a simple phrase or mantra. These will become the theme for the upcoming year.
*Manifest and Risk Everything
*Enjoy and Allow Miracles
*Thrive and Celebrate Everything
*Enchant and Be Delighted
*Choose words like Relax, Recalibrate, Have Fun, Be Adventurous, Succeed, Liberate Myself, Accept, Live Life to the Fullest

Now write all the things you want to say goodbye to on small slips of paper.

Cleanse your sacred area by smudging with sage smudging and/or incense, then use your broom to sweep out all evil.
Sweep out evil, sweep out ill,
Where I do the Lady's will.
Besom, besom, Lady's Broom,
Sweep out darkness, sweep out doom.

Witch's Broom, swift in flight
Cast Out Darkness, Bring in Light
Earth be hallow; Air be clear; Fire bright; as water heals
A sacred bridge this site shall be, as my will, so mote it be.

Cast your Circle:
By the power of the Witch’s hand
The Magic Circle is carved into the land.
A strong enclosure, a power-full room,
Safe within the Goddess’ womb;
A sacred place, a world apart
Where energies merge and Magic start.
With Air and Fire this Circle I tread
To know our will Magic is said.
With Water and Earth, this Circle is complete
To dare and keep silent after this meet.

Quarter calls
I greet the East, direction of Air:
Gentle breezes and strong winds,
Realm of the beauty of clouds and birds,
Bearer of the weather that touches us all,
The breath of life I inhale and exhale.
I am a part of all around me.

I greet the South, direction of Fire:
Candle flame, bonfire, starlight, and sunlight,
The energy that warms me and gives life to the world I inhabit,
The energy that pulses along my nerves.
I am a part of all around me.

I greet the West, direction of Water:
Rain, snow, rivers, and lakes,
The great encircling ocean from which all life first came,
The blood which flows through my veins still bearing the saltiness
of that original home.
I am a part of all around me.

I greet the North, direction of Earth:
Metal and stone, hill, and valley,
Mother who bears and nourishes all life--root and leaf,
Fur and feather and scale and skin,
Muscle and bone and brain cell.
I am a part of all around me.

Call to the Goddess:
I am Goddess of three Moons.
I am mistress of the Night.
I am the richness of the Earth.
I am the Moon and the Seas.
I am all that was and is and ever shall be.
Nor has any mortal ever seen that which lies beyond my veil
for I am indeed mistress of mysteries and the keeper of the keys.
I am Queen of all living things, for I Am Goddess of Nature.
I smile and the radiance of the Moon is everywhere.
Gather in secret if you must,
but do not tarry too long behind closed doors,
for it is in the richness of the earth and the boundlessness
of the sky that my true temple is to be found;
And the Moon, and sun and stars will keep your secrets.
I am all these things and more.
Hear my words my children and worship and be glad.
Look for me within these things but above all,
within your own soul, for it is there I am.
I have been with you in the beginning
and I shall be with you at the end.
I am the womb of new beginnings,
as yet unimagined and unknown.

One by one, read out loud the words you have written on each slip of paper. Set your intention to release the item/addiction/attitude from your life. Set it to fire and place it in the calderon. If you have a campsite barbecue or bonfire going that's cool, just toss the slips of paper into the fire one by one. If you are doing this ritual with a group of others take turns reading your words. If these things are too personal to read out loud, read them silently to yourself. Just remember... our words have power. Saying - "Be Gone" audibly and loudly can be very freeing. Go ahead, howl at the moon if you've a mind to. Have some fun!

After releasing all of the "bad" habits to the smoke, you need to set your welcomings free, Offer the tags representing things to be welcomed in into the fire, with our intentions carried away by the smoke to come to fruition over the next year.

Fill your glass with a libation liquid (juice or wine). Call out your them for the new year and toast to them, raising your glass high.

Release the Quarters:
I thank the North, direction of Earth:
For metal and stone, hill, and valley,
I am a part of all around me.
I thank you, North, for joining me today.
Go if you must, stay if you will.
Blessed Be.

I thank the West, direction of Water:
For rain, snow, rivers, and lakes,
I am a part of all around me.
I thank you, West, for joining me today.
Go if you must, stay if you will.
Blessed Be.

I thank the South, direction of Fire:
For candle flame, bonfire, starlight, and sunlight,
I am a part of all around me.
I thank you, South, for joining me today.
Go if you must, stay if you will.
Blessed Be.

I thank the East, direction of Air:
For gentle breezes and strong winds,
I am a part of all around me.
I thank you, East, for joining me today.
Go if you must, stay if you will.
Blessed Be.

Circle recall:
The Circle is opened by unbroken
May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart
Merry Meet and Merry Part
and Merry Meet again

Other Ideas:
–Fill your car with gas.
–Fill your cupboards and refrigerator with groceries.
–Put money in your pocket.
–Catch up on your bookkeeping/bills.
–Clean your house.
–Catch up on your laundry and ironing.
–Clear out any old clothes in your closet that don’t fit or that you don’t absolutely love anymore, and give them away so someone else can start enjoying them right now.
–Catch up on your beauty routine (color your hair, do your nails, pluck your eyebrows, etc.) (That’s for you in particular, Patrick.)
–Eat the kind of food that you love.
–Pick an event for yourself on New Year’s Eve that symbolizes the kinds of things you want to do more of in the coming year.
-Undress and stand naked under the full Moon. 'Bathe' by visualising the moonbeams cleansing you from head to foot. When you feel clean, thank the lady, redress and continue with the ritual.


  1. Wonderful ritual! Thank you!

  2. I love this ritual! Just reading the wording of your rune and I could feel energy wanting to move.I would like to qualify this next bit: definatly NOT a complaint, but a request....this has a very dianic feel, which is good for alot of folks. being male myself (and slightly OCD) I would also have a masculine invocation. However what I would use would be akin to fingerpainting smiley faces on a Bodecelli.

  3. any chance you could postan invocation to the God?or email me at (*blushes* yeah its an intentional misnomer ment to intimidate fellow poker players) I wouldn't usually ask someone else to write my runes for me but I intend to use this one of yours and would prefer to not mar it with my....shall we say baser style. thanx even if you can't help with the invoke, I can't get over how it resonates with me! Be blessed, its a choice.

  4. Hi babe, glad to see you back in the blogosphere! I always look forward to New Year, but have been feeling a little bit flat. Reading through this ritual has given me a boost.

  5. Thistle ~ Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Sidhe Nightsong ~ LOL, I wasn't trying for a Dianic feel, just a full moon blessing with a twist. Add a "Charge of the God" and it should feel better for you. I'll send you one shortly.

    Fiona ~ I've missed you too, but life kept getting in the way. Hopefully, I'll be back in full force shortly. Perk up darling, we are headed into another decade & the best is yet to come.