30 Random Things

1) I love to hug!
2) My parents tried for nine years to have a child, before they got knocked up with me.
3) I’m a twitter addict.
4) I can argue all sides of most debates – even if I can not stand the oppositional opinion.
5) I absolutely love my parents – they are truly amazing and I’m the luckiest kid alive because I have them.
6) I love love love organizing in every form – but after I set it up I don’t want to follow it.
7) I love simple foods – 5 ingredients or less.
8) I’m a cyclic insomniac.
9) Most days I cry myself to sleep.
10) I read Tarot.
11) I often talk in my sleep.
12) I love dancing – especially when no one is around
13) I want to be a girlie girl, but can’t seem to get motivated.
14) I love taking long baths
15) I love buying makeup, but rarely wear it – I think it looks funny on me.
16) I’ve realized that I have been lying to myself – I want to be swept off my feet like in the storybooks.
17) Halloween is my favorite holiday - even if it is "broken" now
18) I talk to my mom daily.
19) I don’t want to have kids of my own
20) I used to read a book a day - but I can't seem to get myself to open a book, haven't really been able to read.
21) When I was a kid, I used to sit with coffee and cherry pie and watch Twin Peaks.
22) I cry really easy over silly shit like sappy commercials or songs or movies.
23) I really wanna study forensic science
24) I love staying in hotels.
25) I really like going all out for all the holidays but don't see a reason anymore
26) I hate seeing my mom cry
27) I have to creativity in my life no matter how small.
28) I am a movie freak – but it’s not just one type of movie – I’ll watch just about any thing.
29) I’m moving to a better place in life – but I hate leaving people behind.
30) My Dad is truly my hero.

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