The Last Peep

Book: The Last Peep

Janet Evanovich

Pocket / 1997
Paperback / 272 Pages (total pages in book)
Series Stephanie Plum 3.5 (The Plot Thickens)

For this marvelously entertaining anthology, these outstanding contributors rose to a unique literary challenge: each penned a tale that ingeniously features a thick fog, a thick book and a thick steak. Contributors include Mary Higgins Clark, Lawrence Block, Edna Buchanan, Carol Higgins Clark, Janet Evanovich, Linda Fairstein, Walter Mosley, Nancy Pickard, Ann Rule and Donald Westlake.

I picked this book up because Short Story part of series

What I liked the Most? the laugh factor

What I liked the Least? the short length

Review: I only read the story by Janet Evanovich and it was okay. And I do mean just okay. The full length novels are so very very much better because there’s more: more humor, more sexual tension, more crazy chases, just more.. This was like reading in the middle of the book and you really do need all the other stuff in-between like Ranger & Morelli.

Recommended to: fans of the series

Best Quote: "Squirrel wasn't a bad person," Lula said, serious voiced. "Was just that his train stopped a few feet from the station. He liked to watch people. Liked to look in bedroom windows at night. And then one thing would lead to another, and pretty soon Squirrel wouldn't have no clothes on, and sometimes he'd get caught and get his bony white ass hauled off to jail."

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