Well December is always a busy month, but I want to make it a bit less blah - So I'm gonna jot a couple of notes here & hopefully things will not get too March Hare-ish. So far the scheduled events are

1) Mom's Colonscopy appointment (Yay - Cancer Free)
2) Lamp Clean & Decorate (kinda happened)
3) Friend's procedure (Went 100% wonderful)
3) Sabbat LARP (Didn't make it)
4) Movie with Theresa (LOL too funny)
5) Work Christmas Dinner Out (Plan on hold)
9) Mom Onocologist appointment (Dr Mark is the best)
13) Mom Gynocologist appointment (canceled / rescheduled for 20th) Weezer in the hospital
17) Sabbat LARP (Nope)
18) Cookie Baking Extravaganza (Nope)
21) Yule (Home Ritual)
22) Work Christmas Pot Luck (Slept through it)
25) Christmas (Jerry Springer has nothing on us)
26) Reload MP3 player with non-Christmas music (instead of MP3 player - I loaded the IPod)
26) (SNOW DAY!!!)
31) (Working - have a great night)
Look for updates to this list as they occur

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