Book: Sacrifice

Lora Leigh

Ellora’s Cave / 2004
Ebook / 133 Pages
Series Bound Hearts 5

Kimberly has run from Jared for a year now, sensing the weakness he could be to her future. But she never expected the sacrifice he would make for her. One that will rock her soul, and destroy the very foundations of all her beliefs.

Her sexuality, her heart, and all she's fought for in the last six years will be tested when an assignment takes her to Jared's farm, and into his bed. There she will learn the true meaning of hunger, of love…as well as the deception and the lies that have governed her life for so long.

Anything worth having is worth sacrificing for. Kimberly is about to find out if she can pay the price, and risk not only the inheritance that should be hers, but also her heart to the one man who can still the fires that rage in her soul.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? I loved the inheritance blackmail issue – wonderful!!!

What I liked the Least? I just couldn’t get into this one – maybe it was the characters

Review: This installment to this series had the most complete story line, but by far not my favorite couple – I mean I liked Kimberly and Jared well enough, but I've loved other characters more.

Story line this was perfect – Kimberly (daughter to a prude of a man) must remain a virgin until she marries a man approved of by “The Prude” – or no inheritance from the dearly departed mother. To enforce this stipulation, she is made to submit to physical examinations by doctor every three months to determine that the hymen is still intact. Her counter get admitted to “The Club”.

Sexually it may be just tamer than some of the other books. It doesn't seem to quite go as all out as some of the others.

Recommended to: Fans of Erotica and this series

Best Quote: “You’re like a narcotic,” he whispered. “So powerful, so damned addictive, you make me fear for my sanity.”

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