A Pledge to Spirituality

* I am a Pagan and I dedicate Myself to channeling the Spiritual
Energy of my Inner Self to help and to heal myself and others.

* I know that I am a part of the Whole of Nature. May I grow in
understanding of the Unity of all Nature. May I always walk in

* May I always be mindful of the diversity of Nature as well as its
Unity and may I always be tolerant of those whose race,
appearance, sex, sexual preference, culture, and other ways differ
from my own.

* May I use the Force (psychic power) wisely and never use it for
aggression nor for malevolent purposes. May I never direct it to
curtail the free will of another.

* May I always be mindful that I create my own reality and that I
have the power within me to create positivity in my life.

* May I always act in honorable ways: being honest with myself and
others, keeping my word whenever I have given it, fulfilling all
responsibilities and commitments I have taken on to the best of my

* May I always remember that whatever is sent out always returns
magnified to the sender. May the Forces of Karma move swiftly to
remind me of these spiritual commitments when I have begin to
falter from them, and may I use this Karmic feedback to help
myself grow and be more attuned to my Inner Pagan Spirit.

* May I always remain strong and committed to my Spiritual ideals in
the face of adversity and negativity. May the Force of my Inner
Spirit ground out all malevolence directed my way and transform it
into positivity. May my Inner Light shine so strongly that
malevolent forces can not even approach my sphere of existence.

* May I always grow in Inner Wisdom & Understanding. May I see
every problem that I face as an opportunity to develop myself
spiritually in solving it.

* May I always act out of Love to all other beings on this Planet --
to other humans, to plants, to animals, to minerals, to
elementals, to spirits, and to other entities.

* May I always be mindful that the Goddess and God in all their
forms dwell within me and that this divinity is reflected through
my own Inner Self, my Pagan Spirit.

* May I always channel Love and Light from my being. May my Inner
Spirit, rather than my ego self, guide all my thoughts, feelings,
and actions.


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