Loyalty in Death

Book: Loyalty in Death

JD Robb
Romantic Suspense
Berkley / 1999
Paperback / 336 Pages
Series In Death #9

In 21st-century New York City, tough-as-nails cop Eve Dallas can survive a bombing, seduce her husband, and outsmart a terrorist--all on four hours of sleep. In this latest installment of the In Death series, author J.D. Robb (a.k.a. Nora Roberts) casts our heroine against an enigmatic group of terrorists named Cassandra. With no clear motivation or demands, Cassandra feeds on the thrill of senseless killing and the calculated destruction of Eve's world.
Relying on her own brawn and brains, as well as that of her aid Peabody and her husband Roarke, Eve begins to unravel a mystery that began decades before. When the killer's threats land close to home, Eve knows she has no choice but to gamble her own life for the chance to save her city as well as her loved ones.
J.D. Robb's combinations of mystery, suspense, and romance keep the fans of this series clamoring for more, and Loyalty in Death has equal amounts of each. While the passion between Eve and Roarke is as good as ever, the introduction of a new romantic element certainly turns up the heat and is a welcome twist. Though the evil-terrorist-in-NYC theme has been done before (most recently in The Siege), these beloved characters put up a good fight, and keep us glued to the pages.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? The fact that the marriage hit a bumper – I know weird like but there you go – makes it seem not so fake

What I liked the Least? Getting jolted out of fantasy by reality – not Nora Roberts fault

Review: This book has a lot going on, but the main focus is on finding and stopping a terrorist group as Eve & crew must find out where the next attack will be so the death of hundreds & massive damage can be averted – while looking to locate the mastermind behind all the damage. And if that is not enough – add babysitting Zeke (Peabody’s brother) and the budding romance of team members and you have a really intense read. There is plenty of action and fair amount of suspense as the story builds.

Other Hits/Misses:
  • Peabody & McNab = perfect – so funny – loving the interaction between them
  • Mavis is still my favorite character – gotta love her I’m just saying attitude
  • Freaky “We are Cassandra, We are loyal” opening – got a chill thinking about a fairy little girl with a gun
  • Screwed – literally
  • Killing the pregnant chick – not cool

Reality Side Note: I was not prepared for the reminder – the problem with writing in a real world setting when that setting is in the future – first read this book when it was published in 1999 – reading about large buildings being bombed in NYC with innocent bystanders being killed in the thousands was simply the stuff of thriller and mystery - reading it again after 9/11 makes a little chill go down my spine – got slapped in the face with the fact that terrorists wanted to blow up the Twin Towers – hmmm the Pentagon is also mentioned as being destroyed by the parent group earlier.

Recommended to: Because this book was very contained – could be read by any one who likes mystery and can tolerate some language and sexual situations

Best Quote: "Then make it good. Because I'm damn sick and I'm tired of having to justify my feelings to the woman who owns them."

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