Rapture In Death


JD Robb
Romantic Suspense
Berkley / 1996
Paperback / 294 Pages
Series In Death #4

Mind games...

At the flick of a switch, Eve's face flashed onto a monitor, all pertinent data split-screened beside her. A fascinating woman. Birthplace and parents unknown. The abused child discovered hiding in an alley in Dallas, Texas, body battered, mind blanked. A woman who couldn't remember the early years of her own life. The years that formed the soul. Years when she had been beaten and raped and tormented.

What did that sort of life do to the mind? To the heart? To the person?

It had made the girl a social worker and had made Eve Dallas into a woman who had become a cop. The cop with the reputation for digging deep, and who had come into some notoriety the previous winter during the investigation of a sensitive and ugly case.

That was when she had met Roarke.

The computer hummed, sliced Roarke's fave onto the screen. Such an intriguing couple. His background was no prettier than the cop's had been. But he'd chosen, at least initially, the other side of the law to make his mark. And his fortune.

Now they were a set. A set that could be destroyed on a whim.

But not yet. not for little time yet.

After all, the game had just begun.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most?

What I liked the Least? I had trouble with the dots in this story

Review: Well for the first time I hit a what??? In this series. This book just didn’t do it for me. The plot for this book centers around Eve's investigation into a series of unrelated suicides that are completely out of character for the victims. She is certain that something, or someone, is causing them, and is determined to figure it out.

This is the most outlandish plot so far. The technology used in this book is much further advanced than in any of the previous books, and is way ahead of where we are now. The story opens at an offworld resort, and heavily features VR simulations.

The story is overall darker than the previous ones, and it seems to take a little bit more to read.

Recommended to: Fan of the Series only

Best Quote: Eve: "She had big plans for me. Kind of a pet, I imagine. Like William. Her little trained dog. And with you dead, she figured I'd inherit all your goodies. You're not going to do that to me are you?"
Roarke: "What, die?"
Eve: "Leave me all this stuff."
Roarke: "Only you would be annoyed by that."

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