Another iPod Shuffle

Just put your ipod/itunes on shuffle and answer these questions with the songs that pop up! Oh and try to explain the answer. Comments in the ( ) are mine

1. Who are you? Sexy Bitch ~ David Guetta (well I agree with half that statement)

2. What do you want most in life? I Want It All ~ HSM3 soundtrack (OMG too funny)

3. What does your future hold? Bohemian Like You ~ The Dandy Warhols

4. How is your love life? Honky Tonk Badonka Donk ~ Toby Keith

5. Where would you go on a first date? (Don’t know where but I’ve got some) Good Directions ~ Billy Currington

6. What do you want as a career? (hehe – doesn’t matter as long as) I Like It, I love It ~ Tim McGraw

7. What do you say when life gets tough? Trash Talking ~ Lucas Grabeel (Sounds like me)

8. What is your favorite saying? I Told You So ~ Randy Travis (Wow my iPod really knows me)

9. What do you think of your friends? Irreplaceble ~ Beyonce (My friends are)

10. What is your biggest fear? Boom Boom Pow ~ Black Eyed Peas (I don’t like sudden loud noise)

11. What is your best quality? Something To Be Proud Of ~ Montgomery Gentry

12. How will you die? She Don’t Know ~ Usher

13. What song will be played at your funeral? Better Now ~ Rascal Flatts

14. Now that you're done with this quiz, what are you going to go do? You Oughta Know ~ Alanis Morissette

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