Portrait in Death

Book: Portrait in Death

JD Robb
Romantic Suspense
Berkley / 2003
Paperback / 354 Pages
Series In Death #16
After a tip from a reporter, Eve Dallas finds the body of a young woman in a Delancey Street dumpster. Just hours before, the news station had mysteriously received a portfolio of professional portraits of the woman. The photos seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary for any pretty young woman starting a modeling career. Except that she wasn't a model. And that these photos were taken after she had been murdered.

Now Dallas is on the trail of a killer who's a perfectionist and an artist. He carefully observes and records his victim's every move. And he has a mission: to own every beautiful young woman's innocence, to capture her youth and vitality - in one fateful shot.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? Troy Trueheart – gotta love this kid & loving the temperamental photographer

What I liked the Least? How Mr Sauve handles the personal issue

Review: Lt. Eve Dallas finds herself searching for a photographer killing young college students and "imaging" them directly after death. Her friend and sometime ally, Nadine, at Channel 75 is sent notes and photos of each victim (some before they are even found). As they are drawn deeper into the mind of the killer with each note, each body, Eve must unravel the threads linking the victims and their killer, before she loses one of her own.

I really enjoy the mysteries of the In Death series, but the relationships between all the characters really do make the story.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the scene with Wilson Buckley just about killed me.

Recommended to: Fans of the series

Best Quote: "One never kids about monkey sex with chocolate sauce."

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