Bunny's Birthday Beach Blast

Got off work a little late – So I grabbed NightShade and my other things & bogeyed it on outside to jump in the car with my Bunny so we could head to the beach. On the way down we talked about everything & nothing, just spending the time together. Taking our time we still made it in about 2 hours – not a bad trip all the way around. First stop – Wings for a beach towel he got one that has skulls on it – matching his swim trunks.

Then we found a place to park and took a quick walk on the beach (the sun it just too much for me – I work nights so I am NOT NOT NOT used to it) and that is when my most loving Bunny surprises me. He says stay here (on the beach) and comes back in a few minutes with a bunch of stuff – he brought my lounge chair, a big sun umbrella, and a cooler full of water & ice. So he hauls all this stuff down to the beach & sets it up then he went on his walk about. He walked down to one pier then turned around and walked to the other pier.

After a long walk he came over and curled up with me so we continued to talk. Felt good to be able to communicate again. So after sitting outside for SEVERAL hours – he decided he had enough, so we packed up and started back to towards the magic lamp.

Unfortunately on the way home we got some bad news – his Mi-Mi (dog) broke out of the kennel she was in and took off. To this date we have not been able to find her.

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