Week In Review

Saturday 6-18 Morning - Lovely – let’s just continue the streak of horrible things happening – the hot water heater/pump in the magic lamp threw a pipe so water spewed everywhere. Yep everywhere – Bunny was home when the leak occurred and wasn’t sure what was going on (didn’t know how to turn anything off) so he kinda exasperated the problem by thinking the drinking tank was just empty & proceeded to fill it, thus causing a MASSIVE FLOOD. By the time he called me the issue was already critical, but I was able to walk him through shutting off the power to the water heater & the pump. When I got home I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to locate the problem all by myself – BF had to fix it (his arms are longer) but yay me!!! For locating the problem & I gots my canoodle time!!!

The general family left early today for a deluxe week camping down at TRA – hopefully LL gets to go swimming lots & lots, I was gonna go down on Monday but I’m working all week.

Sunday 6-19 Bright & Early – Get a phone call from BF, the police are at the Lamp waking him up cause Grandma called 911. Evidently she fell and cut herself. So BF had to go stay with GP while the EMT team transports GM to CFV. Mom & Dad didn’t answer their phones so I had to wake Theresa & Lucas to pass on the message.

Had to work during my break time cause the computer only scheduled 1 person & we have to have 2. Argh!!!

Long long day ahead – home to tend to GP while the family came back into town (they were coming back in for dinner any ways) & Daddy-O went to the hospital. Got the GP up, dressed, medicated, & fed with no problems at all. Then GM was released so I could turn over care to someone else & head for bed – but sleep just would not come my way – I think Misty scared the sandman right out of the magic Lamp. Didn’t help any that I had a non-confrontational confrontation with a wanna be witch just as I was laying down. Really people pick a direction & hold true to your guiding star – no one else can do that for you. You gotta stand up for your beliefs no one else can.

So needless to say – no sleep for me before Happy Pappy Day Dinner (which BTW was YUMMY YUMMY!!!) Got into a very interesting debate as to what constitutes cheating all courtesy of Anthony Weiner’s debacle with sexting. There is a separate post on this topic because I find it fascinating. Then FINALLY I was able to crash out and go to sleep for 3 hours before getting up and heading to work.

Monday 6-20 Off work (late might I add – this paycheck is gonna be good) and went straight home – brain is sooooooo fogged by sleep it’s not even funny. Got home, checked in with Daddy-O & BF about GPs, Lamped up & popped a pill, BF took off to go run some errands & Daddy-O calls “I need your help” so I slip on some shorts boogey on over thinking ER – the big problem – Daddy-O needed me to sit with the GPs while he went for coffee. Really?!?!?! So needless to say, sleeping pill was useless today cause I ended up fighting it off. Yay!!! See the snarkassm in that one word?

But I did get up early enough to fix my bento for work – thank you BF – you rock!

Tuesday 6-21 Owie owie owie – I hate it when you bite the inside of your lip cause for the rest of the day you just keep on doing it!!! And all day I did – ARGH!!! So any way work was tweedlific – call out call out call out – Oh and did I mention that Frog got booted again & is now homeless in Nebraska.

But had some really good chuckles with My Shining Star. She evi slept like major wrong and woke up stiff & sore – so I was teasing about the Princess didn’t get her sleep. We determined that the hubby is the one who slipped the mushy pea under the mattress reason would be “I was checking to make sure your not a changling cause you aren’t the same woman I married” and since this occurred on midsummer day – it was a RIOT. Oh yeah! Happy Mid-Summer!!!! I love today – it means the cooler weather is on it’s way to returning. Got off work only a few mins late today & hit Harris Teeter to pick up supplies for my personal rite – mostly flowers & the cake. I went with these cute little petit fours – lemon cake decorated with flowers. I did pull out my Goddess crown because I felt the need to pretty it up today, set up a simple little circle as it was just supposed to be me but right before I started BF ran up a flag saying he was enroute – hold the parade. So wahoo! He was able to be there with me and I got to get him all dizzy and disorientated. LOL. I’m such an evil lil pixie at times. And because of the heat of the day I splurged and took a nice cold outdoor shower – gotta say I love country living!!!

Well the wake up portion of the day was nearly so pleasant – phone started ringing (2 hours early mind you) – I answered groggy & not awake to Daddy-O yelling I need you and James at the trailer pronto, which causes me to start pushing James out of the bed. Get over there & the grandparents had both fallen. Possibly due to heat stroke or exhaustion cause the A/C wasn’t cooling. Got them both up, bandaged, started rehydrating – then we decided to take them to the rents for the night. Let me tell you – that was an adventure of epic proportions – getting them dressed, moved out to the patio, into the car, down to the house, into the house & then finally upstairs to the bedroom. OMG. How many more hours until I get a day off?

Wednesday 6-22 I FREAKING LOVE THUNDER/LIGHTENING STORMS. The energy is bouncing around like mad and it is wonderful. Not much rain unfortunately but I’m loving the Boom – Fireworks. Okay enough about that - now on to the meat of the day. I really must say that I need to sleep and someday really really soon.

Got off work this morning, stopped at McDonald's to grab breakfast for GPs & Daddy-O then to the Rents - help GP with his breakfast then Daddy-O & FF took GP & GM back up to the trailer & I got a phone call from Jackie (HH RN Diva) to say hey I'm coming out to admit GM you want in on this. Hell Yeah! (Side note ummmm why did I hear about this from the RN BEFORE I heard it from the fam I DON'T KNOW!!!) Well due to the admission & the repairs took way longer than it should have but yay GM got admitted to HH. Very happy about this prospect.

And I am a flipping moron - one of the posts I wanted to start doing was Tackled It Thursdays because I need some massive motavation to get the Lamp organized to host 1 small dog, 1 large dog, 1 skinny bunny, and 1 plump witch with all the junk that comes along with that & while I cleaned & purged the bathroom counter & the meds cab - I forgot to take a picture *sigh* Guess I can take pictures of the cabinet & post those. I'm hoping to wrap the bathroom up tomorrow. Oh and there's gonna be some Travel Trailer Mods coming your way too & since I actually signed back up for reviews there may be some Mailbox Mondays again. Looks like things are starting to move on up up up.

Thursday 6-23 Well the night was QUIET and sane - morning was actually kind of tame but I did have to deal with a call from corporate due to TWEEDLEY behaviour of one of my coworking idiots. Stayed a little late so Daddy-O ran the b run. So got home at a decent hour & to bed even sooner - so I felt good good good. Oh and Bunny decided he wants to go to the beach for his Bday.

Woke up a little early but not as early as I wanted to oh well that's life right. Got a surprise when I woke (see the other post *giggle*) stopped off at Wally World on the way in and picked up H2O & chips for the birthday trip and then an even bigger surprise when I got to work. One less tweedle now works here. Evi, tweedle told the boss that she was insiginificant. Really? Isn't this the LADY that just suspended you????? And you told her what? So we are down by one player and I'm not really all that unhappy about that.

Friday 6-24 Ok - now I've heard it all. They want me to go to VA and train get this my relief. Of course that's what they say now, but we all know that today they'll just be handling my nights off but in a month it's bye bye job. Argh!!! I really can't think about this right now - I must focus on Bunny's Birthday!!!

I will send over a separate post for BF’s birthday adventure – I’m hoping for a really really good day.

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