The Cell Phone Meme

1. How important is a cell phone in your life? Gee I live with my phone in hand so VERY - I keep up with everything on my phone - Doctor appointments for Granny 101, Gramps 95, Mom 72, Dad 68, & myself; Family events & news (Facebook), Moon Phases

2. Are you addicted to your cell phone? Very very very very and I'm not afraid to admit it

3. Are you a texter, an emailer, or a photo sender? Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

4. In the normal course of a day, about how many times do you touch your cell phone? Constantly - really.

5. Are you guilty of distracted driving? Not due to my phone (unless the alarm goes off - it doesn't stop if you don't touch the phone)

6. What is the one app never invented that needs to be made for your cell phone? Live life here

7. What annoys you the most about cell phones these days? Speaker phone application in public - I don't need to hear that your baby's daddy done slept with his girlfriend's momma

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