Pirate Voyage

Lucas was very excited to go - he wanted to dress like a pirate, so Theresa brought along his Jake suit. All the pirates at the show thought he was simply adorable. There was a preshow - not much there just some singing & such but a yummy drink to be had.

Four Course Pirate Feast
Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup
Buccaneer Bread
Half O’ Roasted Cackler (Chicken)
Captain BBQ Pork
Cob O’ Buttery
Pirate Herb-basted Potato
Apple O’ Me Eye Pie

And let me tell you - what ever the cost of this show it was TOTALLY worth it. I've been to Dixie Stampede & Mediveal Times in the past - but this show is amazingly amazing. If you have the time & are looking for an entertaining night with good food, good fun, and wonderful entertainment.

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