Ripley's Aquarium

So I've got some family in town this week - one of my cousins & her husband came down to visit with my grandpa (he's getting near the end I hate to say). My mom got upset cause they are taking their only vacation this year to come down and visit GP (which is more than most of his grandchildren have done). So she decided that she was gonna treat them to a short daytime trip for some fun - trip to Myrtle Beach got planned & planned quickly. Mom invited me & BF to tag along so we did. Me with great anticipation!!

So given - we go to Ripley's Aquarium - after all it's Lucas' favoritest place on earth. So this was my first trip to the aquarium I must say that I loved it. There's tubes that you walk in so you are actually walking inside the tank & 481, a hands on area (technically a couple - one for horseshoe crabs 486 & one for skates), learning stations, divers feeding fish, & tons of other fun.

There were some stunning plants outside but I could only get a couple of shots.

Lucas wanted to feed the big fish - so we walked around back & got some fish food out of the machine - tossed it down and WOW the fish were almost walking on each other to get to the food.

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