Trip To VA

So anyways, I gotta go to VA to train some people how to do my job. So 1st I had to rent a car (check), then I had to pack (check), directions to MAP (check) and some snacks for the road (check) so now road trip!!! I grabbed my newest companion and took off up north. I was set - bear for company, cell phone for troubles, tunes on the radio, and good old Evain. (On a personal note got a bit of bad news on the drive up - GM was taken to the hospital by ambulance and they don't know when/if she'll be released)

So I drive all day or so it felt until finally I see MAP Communications - yay I made it!!!! So I run inside & get everything set up with Lisa. Gotta knock out this training a get home. So anyways - I knew that if I climbed into bed at this time of the day 7pm I'd never get up for work tonight. So I went and played on the computer, took myself out to dinner, had a shower, & read my book. Did a lot of fast talking & got some of the staff up to snuff - now to repeat the night two more times.

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